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  1. Bubble tip anemone

    Holding off on selling until anemones heal. One has split. I have three now. I moved them to my 60 gallons tank.
  2. Bubble tip anemone

    Sent pm
  3. Bubble tip anemone

    the video will play on my desktop but not my iPhone.
  4. Bubble tip anemone

    $125. They are between 1 and 2 feet tip to tip. I have 2 you can have your choice. Taking rocks out this weekend to get rid of aptasia. Not selling anything else. They have odd bubble tips 5AC1EC86-C225-4D35-844E-7668F9B8E7DB.MOV
  5. Berghia Nudibranch

    I want a few. I can buy or trade some zoas. What's your number
  6. looking for file fish or copperband

    They must be known to devour aptasia. Not looking for new fish that are untested.
  7. 6 line wrasse

    I think I'll just keep the wrasp in my sump for now so not for sale
  8. Used equipment cleanout

    First dibs on gyre. How much
  9. 6 line wrasse

    want to trade 6 line wrasse for coral. he was nipping at our juvenile clown fish so he is in the sump now. 2519794501
  10. First Sps Help

    When this happens to me it starts at the bottom and doesn't stop Until it's all white. Low kph can cause it but there are numerous things that can cause it. It can completely be lost in a few days so if it's shadowing then it should stop. If it doesn't stop then cut it above the damaged area and it should be ok If your parameters are ok. I just had this happen due to low kph. I was slack in Checking my parameters. You will have some sps that is harder and will not be effected
  11. 125 Gallon

    $150 or trade for gyre pump I have new bulk head fittings.
  12. Fragtoberfest

    They are on eBay too
  13. I use to use electronic auto in the past and loved them but gravity fed with float cable Is the best way. The negative of this way is your entire resivore could dump into your tank. What do is have two resovores connected but with valves on both to minamize The max amount of water that could drain in. When first resovore is empty my I turn the second valve on. When it's gone I turn on my rodi and refill system. Worst case is 25 g on a 250 g tank. This has been so simple and Maintance free system for me. I've tried to design my system so there is least amount of maintenance.
  14. Palythoa Grandis

    Pm me on purple tang price
  15. Palythoa Grandis

    I have 6 heads of the Palythoa Grandis ill sell for $100