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    Anything salty- reef keeping, fishing, kayaking, the beach, bacon lol
  1. Aquatic life halo

    Message me 8507487974
  2. Hello Everybody, Need Some Help

    I got out of the hobby for a little bit, but have recently started up a new tank. Over the years I have sold frags to multiple members and I'm looking to replace some of the corals I used to have. Tank still has a couple weeks before it is ready. stunner stag Red planet Green slimer Green Monti cap Idaho grape Monti cap Seasons greetings Monti Green purple rim monti Orange digi Green digi Any milliporas Spongodes Blue Ridge Super natural monti Pocillopora Sour apple, pink, or any other birdsnest If you have anything off the list I'm looking for please let me know pm or text 8507487974 Attached pic of my last reef
  3. Iso Candy Canes

    Lost my colonies months ago, couple head frags are ok, but wont complain about bigger . Have sps I can trade or cash. Looking to get all colors. 8507487974
  4. Beginners Sps Pack

    8507487974, try again. I have all frags listed on the first page still available.
  5. Beginners Sps Pack

    Still have plenty of frags available
  6. Free Sps

    Need someone in Pensacola that can help me move a 125g tank and stand out of my house, 8507487974
  7. Beginners Sps Pack

    I will be at the meet Sunday, if anybody is interested lmk and I will bring it.
  8. Beginners Sps Pack

    Thank you Zack, top pick is pink birdsnest under kithen lighting, Second pic Idaho grape monti, fuzzy green pocillopora and pink and green pocillopora right next to it. Third pic purple rimmed monti cap and last pic sour apple birdsnest.
  9. Beginners Sps Pack

    Text for pics, won't let me upload from my phone
  10. Beginners Sps Pack

    All frags at least 1" some have been cut for weeks, others will be fresh cut. Any frags that do not make it a week will be replaced once.
  11. Beginners Sps Pack

    Lmk if you're interested in coming by to check out any corals, I'm home in the evenings after 6. I'll be leaving Friday for the Florida frag swap and won't be available all weekend. 8507487974
  12. Beginners Sps Pack

    If you have a biocube they will be power compacts not cfl, if placed high in the tank you will be ok with stock lighting.
  13. Beginners Sps Pack

    Price drop $80
  14. Beginners Sps Pack

    Pack still available, I can make multiple frags of each
  15. Beginners Sps Pack

    I still have everything listed, shoot me a message 8507487974