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  1. Aqueon Black Pine 75 Gallon Tank Stand

    If it was Trent buying it he would go home with a stand and 20 bucks in his pocket and make you feel like he did you a favor by taking gas money from you 😂
  2. Aqueon Black Pine 75 Gallon Tank Stand

    Text me 18503760482 and we can setup a pick up time
  3. Aqueon Black Pine 75 Gallon Tank Stand

    Where are you located ? Willing to take 50 bucks for it ?
  4. Used it only about 6 months it was a spare that I had great condition pretty sure manufacturers date was 2015 .. Need to clear some stuff out to invest into another project pu fwb 18503760482
  5. LTB RO/Di System

    I will take 180 for it or trade aquarium items pumps lights etc
  6. LTB RO/Di System

    I have a 90 GPD Spectrapure RODI 5 stage top of the line unit with dual TDS meters filters still have a lot of life and have extra filters replacements also ..

    4201 N Davis Highway
  8. Tropical Storm Cindy

    Tornado touched down and wrecked Ferry park and a few houses around it .. So this storm has left a mark for sure
  9. Naso Death

    The toilet is a great equalizer for mean yellow tangs works every time .... in all honesty that and a purple tang are the last tangs you would want to add
  10. WTB cheap heaters 200-300 watt

  11. It lives.

    Glad they are carrying freshwater too might have to stop in .. saves me the hassle of ordering my own
  12. WTB 4ft light fixture

    Can be T5 Led or T12 for a freshwater tank .. nothing expensive 18503760482 found one at the store upstairs in storage ...
  13. Possible 125 tear down

    Lightning strikes suck had one hit the house last year 20k later everything was back to normal thanks to USAA insurance
  14. It lives.

    It lives and Trent started the topic made me scared to click onto the thread 😂😂.. congrats on the move
  15. 75 gallon with black cabinet.

    Send me pics and what comes with it