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  1. Wanting Dive Partner For Collecting Fish

    My most recent catch was a jackknife and a slipper lobster. I did find out that we have Peterson shrimp out here and that was awesome! But sadly they were too small to collect at the time. There was also a beautiful blue pistol shrimp that was guarding the anemone as well. Also I found out that we have a unique jawfish that is local to here as well as a unique dartfish neither of which I can catch even though I've tried.
  2. Wanting Dive Partner For Collecting Fish

    Please let me know, I'm diving nearly every weekend and I know a few cheap charters if you want out in the gulf and I dive Fort Pickebs often and have a night owl pass so I can get into the park 24/7
  3. Next Pensacola Meeting - 17 May 15

    He can report as much as he'd like, I'm sure im not the only certified florida Aquaculturer and FWC aren't the ones who would be worried about it. The department of Agriculture (Aquaculture division) and the Department of Revenue are the people who would be after us.
  4. Pompano Are Here

    Now I want some!
  5. Wanting Dive Partner For Collecting Fish

    I know a pretty cheap charter out of FWB. Launches right from the crabshack.
  6. Forum Reorganization Underway

    Looks great and efficient. Thanks again for all the work you do for the site.
  7. Cobia Running

    I have always wanted to catch a cobia and catch a black drum. Don't ask me how I haven't caught a black drum after fishing around here for five years, but I still haven't.
  8. Breeding Clown Fish

    This is one of the initial things that lured me into having clown fish. I have done a lot of research and I am waiting for my pair of Wyoming whites to start laying eggs. It's a lot of work and difficult but I figure that anything worthwhile isn't easily gained.
  9. Wanting Dive Partner For Collecting Fish

    Yes, I can find out prices from different places. If someone wants to rent gear on base they must be active duty, DOD employed, retired, or a dependant. I can find out prices for renting gear at other dive shops as well.
  10. What Other Pets Do You Own?

    We have got them all from different places. Aero came from somewhere up north. We bought him from a breeder that shipped him to us on a plane. Emma came from a breeder in alabama and Leo came from a breeder in Mississippi.
  11. Wanting Dive Partner For Collecting Fish

    Hurlburt field does rent dive equipment and for a good price. They are only open on Fridays from 5pm to 7pm. I would love to take you for an easy dive any time you'd like!
  12. What Other Pets Do You Own?

    You know you want a little puppy like Leo.
  13. Wanting Dive Partner For Collecting Fish

    Ussually you try two up two down, makes for a better experience. There are a few great dive sites that aren't too far out the pass. I'd love to go dive the joe patti barge again, it is an awesome dive but I haven't dive it since it was dropped so I'm excited to see what creatures are on it.
  14. Wanting Dive Partner For Collecting Fish

    Diving is an amazing experience, it's probably one of the most exciting and entertaining activities I've ever done. I'm just glad I can catch some amazing fish and incorporate them into my aquarium.
  15. Wanting Dive Partner For Collecting Fish

    Once your certified and you dive and see a few while your not spearfishing it'll help ease your mind. They are beautiful creatures and normally very harmless. My favorite are the 10 foot or more nurse sharks that just lay on the bottom until you peak over the edge of a reef and they gently swim off. It's such a cool experience to have.