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  1. Maxspect Xf150 Gyre Review

    Agreed. Just saw this post and cant agree with you more. It really is amazing. I had 3 Hydor pumps in my 120g Cube tank. Took them all out for this and have zero dead spots and I can barely get it to 50% without it wanting to throw water out of the tank. Lol. Its great.
  2. Wanting Dive Partner For Collecting Fish

    Hurlburt Field rents and has Diving Certification courses available to Military and Family members. Not exactly sure on the prices but I know they are very low.
  3. Wanting Dive Partner For Collecting Fish

    Wow, great to see some activity on this forum. Been a part of the forum for a bit but mostly lurking. I've been diving for about 13 years and love it. Would love to hit up some dives with you guys if you have room for one more. That Matt guy can be a pain tho. Lol.
  4. Blu (Joshua)

    Whoa, I need to attend the next meet it would seem.
  5. Meeting! February 22

    Oh.... my.... gosh... I didnt see this post in time! I'll keep an eye out for the next one and see you all there. Sounds like it was a good one.
  6. Scary!

    I have seen a few corals in their tanks that i like but cant bring myself to purchase them. Matt's has the same corals for a much better price. Some members on here also have a lot of nice corals for cheap too. Then there are others who try to get retail for a coral out of their tank. Thats another story. Corals and equipment arent a bad purchase from them because not much can go wrong there.. I love Matt's and recommend that place to everyone that ever wants to purchase anything saltwater related. They are amazing. Both their prices and their knowledge is second to none. Plus I like spending my money at the local stores rather then a chain store so thats another plus.
  7. Scary!

    Maybe I should give them another shot but I am very reluctant about purchasing anything live from them. I don't take any of their advice either because I have been steered in the wrong direction by them so many times. I lost out on $200 because they recommended a lighting system that was no where near strong enough for my tank. Now it would be a great light for a FOWLR or fresh water fish only tank. I understand I should have done more research before buying it but I was new and took their advice. Also, I have purchased 3 fish from them all of which are now dead. 2 were green chromis which I was told were passive fish that get along really well. Hah that's the opposite of what they are. They murdered each other within a month. Also bought a Lawnmower blenny from them that died the day after I put it in the tank. I have only bought fish food from them because Matt's hours are lined up perfectly with my work schedule so I have to get there on the weekends if I get lucky. I really wish I could trust their fish being healthy because they have a tomini tang there that I would love to pick up. But I will stop by from time to time and see what progress they have made to their tanks and possibly make another purchase. Just hate giving them more and more money.
  8. Scary!

    Petland. I only know of 2 here in Fort Walton. Matt's Coral Connection and Petland. I always buy everything I can from Matt's. Great people and all their livestock is healthy. If its not they dont sell it until they can get it healthy again.
  9. Scary!

    So I was at my LFS with the family looking around and went by the fish section and was quite disturbed by what I saw. There was absolutely no water movement in the tanks and they were covered in algae and feces. Most of the fish had some sort of desease or looked overall very unhealthy. At what point do they get shut down for animal cruelty? Does it not apply to fish? They can be kept in this cespool until they die or some poor person purchases one. I know they are "just fish" but i feel bad seeing how poorly maintained this tanks were. Rant complete.
  10. Anybody do any collecting around here? Are there any cool zoas or anything coral wise thats colorful around here? Also, where can i find some cerith snails / blue leg hermits?
  11. Altezza01

    +1 to this guy. Great seller. Just wish he had more stuff to buy! His anemone deals and their health are second to none. Pick one up from him if you get a chance!
  12. Validating Accounts

    Thank you to whoever got this done. I am looking forward to being part of reviving this site. It's a great tool for any new (Like me) or old reefer to get and learn new things.