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  1. What An Great Meeting!

    No there is not an aquarium in Pensacola, Yet. It is being worked on. The final presentation was supposed to be November 18'th to the Pensacola City Council, however the date has been pushed to a later date. We are bringing in a Spokesman from Marineland to talk about the conversion of a waste water treatment plant to an aquarium and he has prior obligations on the 18'th. Looks like it will Be December when we are finally ready. I wil make another thread on here for discussion of it. We are still at the planning stage so we want input, and lots of it. In the mean time, feel free to check out
  2. Its A Sad Night Tonight!

    OMG, that is so terrible. Almost made me cry because I lost a Yellow tailed Damsel when i tried to net him and he dove into the eels cave. Sorry for your loss.
  3. Slogan Contest!

    Learn from our costly mistakes Relieving the grief of the reef Be moral with coral Once it's gone, you'll miss it Don't wait until it's too late Join us today Reef is not hair, don't bleach it Alone - impossible, together - realistic Protect now or suffer later Care for Our Reefs And Live You don't want to loose it Learn how to care for your kaleidoscope @ wow, I am getting some stupid ideas, need to sleep I guess.
  4. Removing An Eel

    Been very busy, but finally got time to log in and respond to some messages and update this. Like TJ said, I finally got him out, or rather he got himself out. He is now residing in a 29 gallon tank and is very happy in it with the 50 live gulf shrimp I added today that he has filled himself up with. I plan on getting the 240 moved into place the first week of November, or whenever I can get back home, and putting him in there as the first occupant. Not to sure but might add another eel to the tank with him. Going to be a predator only tank, so they will be at home and not cause as much problems. If anyone else needs to remove an eel, just move everything around with no lids on. It will eventually jump out and make it much easier to pick up. Trust me, it works
  5. Removing An Eel

    Still working at getting him out, anyone else know of something that might work short of letting a light fall into the tank. Dang thing has done bitten me 6 times. EEL 6 vs. Me 0
  6. I have a snowflake eel in my 55 that I want to relocate. He is about 15 to 18 inches long and thicker then an inch. I have been at this now for 12 days. I spent all weekend standing there with nets, traps, and some fish hooks even. So far all I have succeeded in doing is catching everything but him and breaking the return line the one time I was able to grab him barehanded and he decided to return the favor. I built a trap out of pvc pipe, and a piece of clear pipe used for florescent lights. Neither of which prevailed. I did make the mistake of making my entire rock work one solid piece with dowels and epoxy (thanks to him), so a tear down will include my air chisel if it comes down to that, which I hope it does not. Any ideas?
  7. I am already here. We decided to go to disney world for the weekend with my gf's kids. It was such a surprise that this was here at the same time. Got my camera and about 300 pics so far, will post some pictures when I get back.
  8. My first build, 55 gallon

    Figured I would update this. I disconnected the ATO from the sump and now have a 2.4 gallon container shoved in the stand to top it off. I poked a hole in the container and ran the ro/di line into it. Just open the valve to refill the container when needed. Did a little cleaning to the display and rearranged the rock again. This time they can not move. Used 8 sticks to epoxy the rocks together.
  9. Need ominion on an ad

    Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for which was feedback. Going to work on it some more and make some things darker. Sadly I am stuck with a very few fonts. It will be going in every newspaper and American Classifieds from Mobile AL to Panama City FL.
  10. I think I am addicted, I need help.

    Yes it is your old tank, but you gave it to TJ who gave it away when he had a lot going on. (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3271) I didn't do anything with it for awhile in case TJ wanted it back. But it is in my way now so going to move it to my house and out of the shop next weekend. Once I get it set up and plumbed I'll be coming out there to get some rock and other stuff from you later this month, if you remember the pm I sent you. This will eventually be installed into the wall but got other things going on right now so just going to build a stand out of some c channel and angle iron.
  11. Need ominion on an ad

    This is my first time actually drawing an ad up on a computer so be very honest with your feedback. If you don't like it say that instead of not posting. It will not hurt my feelings to say it looks like $@#@!
  12. I think I am addicted, I need help.

    Finally got everything broke down and cleaned. Got it put back together also with black silicone. Figured since I went this far might as well pay the little extra and make it look really good. Took much more silicone then I thought I was going to need but I know it is sealed, used what I was going to use to install the overflow and trim. I just let it squeeze out the sides of the glass and smoothed it over on the inside and left it on the outside so I can trim it with a razor when it cures. The glass fits with about a .5 mm to 1 mm gap between the panes. I still have to install the overflow box. The trim I ordered is a little short by about an inch. So going to send those back and just make my own out of some AU stock. Have a cnc router at the shop so going to draw it up and let it cut one out. Here are some picture updates. All broke down and free of old silicone And back together again.
  13. I am still kind of laughing at this, reminded me of the large acrylic test tubes I had in my pond that stuck up out of the water into the air. Fish would swim up and get the food that floated in the top of them.
  14. For some reason I thought they'd be bigger.

    Wow, you have been working hard. Might have to see this in person before I start doing mine since I now have more questions then I did before I read your thread again.
  15. I think I am addicted, I need help.

    Shop got broke into again last night so this has to be done. They got the two mig welders and 4 generators this time and screwed up the roll up door. Getting bids on putting in poles to mount lights to around the lot right now. Between the doors and the tools they keep taking it is really getting expensive to fund their less then honest approach at making money. Going to put two of the lights in front of the office on some 20' metal posts to really light up the parking lot so will have 3 left over. Anyways the lamps I bought are MH fixtures. They use Pulse Start Metal Halide M135 Lamps, so as long as the bulbs are a PS lamp it will work. Talked to the place I ordered them from and they said the Ushio 400W 14000K Mogul Base Metal Halide Lamp ( ... -2036.html) will work. Not to sure a 14k bulb will be enough though. Going to check around and see if other bulbs will work. Got to get the shop and yard secured first though