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  1. I Am Back

    Bring the girls and they can swim and hang with mine. I hate to be responsible for " red dragon" that's the holy grail
  2. I Am Back

    I'll give you some low maint coral. Digi, monti cap, pocci, ect.
  3. I Am Back

    Hey Man! Now fallball is about to kick off.
  4. Last One I Promise (Id Please)

    Filefish eat them too. Butterfly's will EAT everything.
  5. Blenny V/s Red Tree Gorgonia

    That is also NFS. It needs to be out of direct light or algea will grow on it and anything that eats algae will nip it.
  6. Blenny V/s Red Tree Gorgonia

    Do you have any Angels? Every dwarf I have had ate Gorgonian polyps. Don't know about Blennies.
  7. Shadowbox Aquarium

    Are they 12v? What department of Walmart? What's their intended use? Thanks
  8. Shadowbox Aquarium

    If you are like me you have a box full of wall adapters somewhere. If so find a 12v and cut the end off and wire it to the fan. Worst case is it will run backwards, just reverse the wires.
  9. Custom 180 Build

    4 months in and no major disasters. Finally sprung for he doors so its 95% comeplete.
  10. Shadowbox Aquarium

    Very cool idea!
  12. My 45Gal

    Very Nice!
  13. Members Tank

    Thanks, its a 180 6'x2'x2'. My cell fails to capture the colors.
  14. Zoa Eater

    I noticed a patch opening up on a large Zoa colony. I found this guy in the patch. Beware.
  15. Members Tank

    Been up 3 months and starting to fill in. Tank is a room divider.