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  1. I wish i knew what to say when someone says "Thank you for your service" Although for me it has been a great pleasure and experience to be in the service. Good stuff !!
  2. Biocube 14G New Build.

    Will be uploading new pictures of the tank soon. Coming along good so far, still looking for a permanent inhabitant. Although stocked so far are 2 lively peppermint shrimp and a Green clown goby. Looking at possibly a saddle back clown or maybe some sort of blenny.
  3. I am looking for reccomendations for the best literature on Reef/Fish/Coral/Aquarium- Anything to do with care tips-setup options-or just some SWEET @ss pictures . And if anyone has some older books i may be able to take them off your hands. -V/R John T
  4. Ro/di On A Budget?

    So i got my water general in the other day. Set it up and ran about 5 gallons through it (Took about an hour) and i tossed that water, now it all seems to be running great. 000 TDS (had it tested locally) and my coral seem to be liking it more than the tap water i was using, and i am seeing less algae on my glass. Thanks for all the input and im sure i will be happy with this setup, i only go through about 50 gallons or so a month so i should be set for quite a while. Question!!! And i may need to start a new post but here goes either way. What maintenance needs to be done on a RO/DI unit. I ask because i only run about 10-15 gallons through it and then it just sits there for a week or so. Should i flush after every use? Should i store in a dark place? What temperature does this thing need to be kept at? What... What....What do i do with my hands??
  5. Biocube 14G New Build.

    The posted pictures are from a week ago or so. No Koralia in the picture and a few corals and a fish were added but i will post a more recent picture soon. Any suggestions on fish and or any other suggestions or comments would be highly welcomed and appreciated. Constructive criticism also welcomed.
  6. Biocube 14G New Build.

    The cube seems to be coming along excellently. I have not lost any snails or hermits and the corals i have in there seem to be growning. Put the Nano Koralia, and i am pretty satisfied with the flow, pointed in the right direction its not too much flow which was a small problem i had when it was pointed at the glass and blowing sand all over. I do like the Koralia Nano alot though. Coral so far: Pulsing Xenia, Kenya Tree, Some sort of Green Palys, 2 types of zoas, Small piece of Monti (purplish). Tossed in a Yellowtail Damsel (Free from quickdraw Sweet!) I also went ahead and put in some Chaeto. Seems all my levels are staying stable so i will see how this fish works on this small system and decide on the fish load from there. Fish Wanted- Not sure yet, although the thought crossed my head to toss in a fish that would absolutely eat anything in my other tank like a dwarf lionfish. There would be no point in throwing in a fish that i could put in my community tank. Im swinging like a pendulum on the fish i may put in here.
  7. So starts the "Coral-Black-Market"!! We will need a secret meeting spot a CCTV(Closed circuit television) system, a secret knock, a handshake, and a BIG guy named BUBBA or JACK to watch the door.
  8. Nano Anemone?

    Good stuff, i wish i could find a Flower anemone with that sort of color. -John
  9. Nano Anemone?

    I would like to keep other corals. I have no experience with anemones' so i do appreciate the advice. So is the consensus an anemone would not do good in a 14G? Thanks for any words of advice or tips.
  10. I am looking for an anemone for a nano tank. Any suggestions on what would go good in a 14G Biocube. Im not sure what fish im gonna toss in this thing but i would like an anemone. I looked at some Bubble tips (Green and Red). ANy suggestions?
  11. Ro/di On A Budget?

    Changed my mind!!! Like i started with in the title "Budget" i decided to go with the water general from EBAY. Heard a few things about it and after reading some up on what is included i decided to run with this system. I figure filters are all the same considering the micron used. And the general came with a pressure gauge and clear filter housings with colorchanging filters. And........IM CHEAP!! $145.50 was worth what all was included. I will review it on this forum when i get it (although i will need to borrow a TDS meter now!) Thanks for all inputs.
  12. Ro/di On A Budget?

    I think with the mere $20 in difference from the spectrapure that has a dual probe TDS, and pressure gauge versus the other units i am going with this one. Thanks for all the inputs and hopefully this one is the best i can get for my money.
  13. Ro/di On A Budget?

    So anybody have these systems or know of them?
  14. Ro/di On A Budget?

    Not really narrowed, but i kinda got an idea what i need. And if you know of any system similar to this that is cheaper or less GPD that would be great.
  15. Ro/di On A Budget?

    So i have narrowed it to: Air Water & Ice: "1compact" 75GPD 5stage ro/di. $174 with shipping and tax!! 75 GPD RO/DI 4 Stage Economy System $144 with shipping. Spectrapure: CSPDI-90 90GPD RO/DI system, dual prope tds meter, Water pressure gauge. $162 with shipping. Any thoughts?? And right as i finished this i was told about the "Watergeneral", reccomended from a LFS. Any thoughts on this setup from ebay $145 shipped??