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  1. Phytoplankton

    awesome, would like just enough to start 1 or 2 soda bottles. are you going to be in town anytime soon? i am not sure when i will be that way, but i would like to get started soon. i am so wanting to try this, i want to set me up a live food station ( phyto, rotifers, & brine) let me know and we will go from there.
  2. Phytoplankton

    looking to start my own phyto, and needing some starter culture. does any one local have some to help me get stared.
  3. texas holdem Poker tournament

    the kiwanas are having a texas holdem poker tournament on saturday the 29th. at st. anns parish center in gulf breeze. (right behind the football field & publix on hwy 98) registration is at 5:30pm and tourny starts at 6:00pm. buy in is $100.00 with $50.00 rebuys for the first hr. first place is a $1000.00 travel voucher to anywhere "no black-outs" 2nd place is a couple of shimano rod & reels ( i think the value is about $500.00) 3rd place is a lcd tv, and there is more prizes but i dont know what they are. oh yea, almost forgot about the free food, wine & beer . should be a good time, and for a good cause. i'll see ya there