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  1. Cool video. this guy is nuts......

    Nice vid, fake, but nice
  2. Power saver 1200, electrician's advice wanted

    Your power company raises rates during the peak summer months also.....
  3. need help soldering wires

    You'll just cover the area that you are wanting to solder with the flux. All it does is transfer heat well. You don't need it but helps. I'd be more worried with using wire nuts and burning the house down than soldering. Oh and a easy heat shrink tip is to use a lighter. Just don't hold the flame to it, move the flame around the shrink wrap.
  4. need help soldering wires

    The trouble most people find with soldering is transferring heat. If the wire you have isn't hot enough the solder will not attach. It maybe on the wire but not conducting resulting in a "cold solder joint". Basically it does not allow current to flow. Pick up some flux from radio shack, it is very good in transferring heat. If you use flux make sure to wipe it with alcohol as flux thats not cleaned from the area will be very corrosive. And as always do it in a well ventilated area, you are using lead remember
  5. Power saver 1200, electrician's advice wanted

    Then again if you have a lot of tanks set up at home you MIGHT see a difference.
  6. Power saver 1200, electrician's advice wanted

    We learned about Power Factor not too long ago in school. But from what I take this product would have worked wonders a few decades ago. Though now, most if not all your large load ( A/C's, Washer/Dryers, etc.) are much more energy efficient. They have what this product does built into them( a capacitor). Not to put you to sleep but, all you have to do to raise your power factor in a device is put a capacitor in parallel with what supplies your voltage (ie the wall outlet). Now i'm not saying this product doesn't do what it says it does. I'm very sure it does, l'm saying for a residential application this will not help. Your not drawing enough amperage for this to make a difference. If you owned a business where you had lots of large loads (machine shop, etc) this product would be worth it. This product seems quite gimmicky and way over priced. Basically its a large capacitor. You know, "Easy/quick install, save blah blah amount of your bill". And the product demonstration at the house is questionable. Just go put a bunch of DC motors in series off a wall outlet to make your power fact very low. Put this box in and flip the switch and bam power factor way up. Oh geesh if it can do that for that house i've got to et one. I would vote not to get this. Thats just my opinion
  7. Lucked out

    Well i've been trying to get a small MGS clown to try and pair with the one i have now. I had a few LFS try and order some with no luck. Just happened to stop into reefer's paradise last week and low and behold they had one. I know pairing 'roons can be rather difficult or rather i've read that. But seems that i lucked out and paired her first try. Just thought i'd share my enthusiasm. Pics....
  8. Thanks Hank i'll let the shroom alonein there for a week or more. The only aiptasia i have now is in between the mat of a colony of zoa's. I was wondering if i can dose with it so near the zoa's.
  9. Well i did my first fragging a week ago. Turned out well and all zoa's are growing fine. One of the rocks i fragged from also had a mushroom on it. So i fragged the shroom to a different rock. Now the shroom isn't staying on the rock. My question is how do i attach the shroom to the rock? I cut the foot off with some rock still attached. But seems like it will not stay. I have it super gel glued to a rock under a drilled tupperware bowl so it will not "blow" away with the current. Its not dead either. The other question is, I have a colony of zoa's with a tiny aiptasia in the middle. Is it alright to dose it with aiptasia-x? obviously not getting any on the zoa's.
  10. Cyanobacteria

    I've got it bad, i havn't gone to the steps you have. Only i've seen change when i do a large water change about 20 percent. It changes from a dark red/brown to a lighter almost green color. i believe thats good. I took a chuck the cyno and put it in a bucket of tap water and set it out side. It changed that same color and died off. Obviously its my water quality and my tank is relativity new <6 months.
  11. Okinawa snorkeling pics, DT pics

    As a matter of fact yes, i'll have to hunt some of those pics down.
  12. DIY Gravity ATO

    Hmmm i'll have to see what shipping would be from DR fosters. Too bad Gulfarium is about an hour and a half from me, maybe though.
  13. Don't have too much as i'm new to the hobby. I'd go as far as to say my tank
  14. DIY Gravity ATO

    Has anyone had any experience or heard anything about this ATO?
  15. Okinawa snorkeling pics, DT pics

    Im not sure what type fish it was. It was fairly large though about the size of a trash can lid. There was other fish of those type with the black stuff on them.