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  1. Need Flatworm Eating Fish...

    Yay, finally a wrasse
  2. algea turf scrubber

    I took mine out because I did not design it to fit properly into the sump I have. I had problems with clutter in the sump and water splashing out of the sump, also had problems with water flow. I could not get the flow regulated correctly because of only having one overflow to work with. I did not have room for skimmer and scrubber. My nitrates did go up around the time I had the scrubber not sure why. Hope this helps for things to avoid. I did learn from the experience and see the benefits. Good luck
  3. drinking water add on

    Thanks for all the comments. I have medical problems that cause me not to get rid of heavy metals or other toxins. I have alot to learn when it comes to plastics, metals, toxins in general. I really need to buy a high quality filter for drinking water and there are so many out there its hard to pick one you know will not leach toxins that would defet the purpose, not to mention cost, replacement filters and effort. Any other ideas or comments always appreciated!!!
  4. Thinking of buying the drinking water add on from brs. I have the 5 stage RODI unit from brs. My question is about the collection container. It is made of aluminum. Wouldnt the alum. get into the water??
  5. I was going to post in the buy sell forum saying I want to buy lockline tubing and nozzle but need a little advice on that first. I have a probem where the nozzle I have is to far above the water line and is causeing (I believe this is the cause) 3 gallons of eaporation a day! I dont have much experience with plumbing. I think I would just need to replace it with some tubing and a nozzle and was hoping someone would have the materials laying around for me to buy so I dont have to order. But I can if need be. Anyway, I need any advice or ideas about the use of lockline pluming to fix this problem!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
  6. mold

    Anyone noticed a humidity problem with owning a large fish tank or two? I have noticed this winter since I have had my tank set up mold growing inside the air conditoner unit. I had to have a UV light installed at the tune of 292.00. I also noticed mold growing around window seals and blinds. I have never had this problem in the past before setting up this saltwater tank. Im truly not a fan of mold in my house sooooo. Im wondering if any of you are experiencing the same thing. Warning to everyone as well to check inside your air unit for growing mold. What do yall think of a dehumidifier?
  7. Help with flushing toliet overflow

    Yeah it is splashing a bit. Ill try to upload a pic.
  8. Help with flushing toliet overflow

    Cool. Thanks for the info. I needed. How would you solve the issue of little droplets of water popping up and wetting the wood of the hood and lights and fans and stuff? I was getting so much fizz up there before fixing the baffle problem. Im planning on sanding lightly and restaining and putting deft (clear epoxy) or a product like that on the inside of the hood to water proof it more. Is there a different spout thing (that returns the water above the overflow into the tank) I can get that would stop all the little popping dropplets of water? PS: 10 in baffle worked and mag 5 worked
  9. Help with flushing toliet overflow

    lol, so true. So mag 5 then is what would be good for it? (75 gal) sump 20 with octapus skimmer It has started to settle down a little but starts flushing about every 15 min now.
  10. Help with flushing toliet overflow

    Its a 75 with a 20 gallon sump. So would a mag 5 still work??? THANKS Could it hurt to leave it flushing like that till I get another pump?
  11. return pump went out today and I took the mag7 from the skimmer to have return flow until I get another pump. When I hooked the mag 7 up to the return hose it has caused like a flushing toliet in the over flow. Is this because the pump is to powerful to keep up with the slow drain back into the sump? If so what size pump should I get? If not what am I missing! THANKS
  12. A new house, a new build ! 50 long Glass cages prop tank

    How many inches long is your skimmer taking up? Whats you opinion of the ASM mini vs a vertex, octapus or others?

    Well I placed the baffle at 10 inches and made a bubble trap. I so wish I had room for a fuge, but the only way is to take out the supports of the tank to be able to fit a bigger tank under there. The water is still warming up. I havent done a test run yet. Darn skimmer has to be so massive. My fans are 4 in ones so I hoping the improvement will help the evaporation problem. Any advice on getting the RODI routed into the house? My RODI unit is in the garage hooked to a sink out there. My tank is on the wall next to the garage. The Rodi/ sink are on the other side of the garage. Also how does temp. play in to the drip cold in the winter, hot in the summer? Love your build whattsup! Wish I had that sump. I like the look of the 50 long.

    my sump is on my kitchen counter

    Chris, if Im correct a 20 long is 30L 12W 12H. Im not sure if it would fit through the stand door or not, I did try a 30 long and it did not . Also if it is 12 inches high would cutting the baffle at 10 inches cause a flood if I unpluged everything with only 2 inches of tank above the baffle? Sorry for so many dumb questions. THANKS