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  1. Designer named frags available

    Will upload pics on our facebook page today
  2. Designer named frags available

    Thanks Richard for the kind words. We have been running non-stop getting tanks up and going and filling them with corals.
  3. A couple nice frags arrived today. First off, for you sps guys. Only 2 available. Large chunks of PC rainbow acro. other honorable mentions: JF klepto lepto, WWC fascination favia,JF dayglo favia,JF Burning banana stylo, JF SUNSET stylo, JF slow burn monti, JF candy coated stylo, and more... ORA purple plasma acro.
  4. Check out our facebook page for all the details. Sale this Saturday and Sunday 3/11 and 3/12.
  5. Elite Aquatics ?

    It's still me... Is there anything I can help you with?
  6. New stuff

    New frags in outside tanks, as well as, some killer new pieces added inside. Jf goldmeister chalice, JF Jack o lantern lepto, the most insane plate coral we have ever got in. Large scolymia's, etc... And the sps tank is coming along outside. Should have our frag racks in 2 weeks to make it look amazing. Tons of new zoa and shrooms. Pics can be seen on our facebook page
  7. Used equipment cleanout

    Everything is posted on our facebook page with prices. The gyre xf130 are $150
  8. Tons of used equipment, I will work on getting an actual list and price list together over the next couple days, check out our facebook page for photos of items. Any questions please feel free to pm me or ask. Stuff includes maxspec gyre 130's, sb reeflights etc...
  9. Website Problem - Update

    The new site format is looking good. A very nice facelift. Definitely going in the right direction. Good job. All your effort is greatly appreciated.
  10. New Years Sale

    Elite aquatics of nwf is having a new years sale. All corals in stock are marked down. Check out pictures and videos on facebook. Store hours this week are Thursday - Saturday noon-5pm
  11. New Store In Town

    Elite aquatics will be open in black Friday from 10:00am till 2pm. Black Friday sale... all corals and fish in stock 20% off. We will also be open Saturday from noon till 5pm.
  12. New Store In Town

    Tons of acans, chalice, and zoas in stock... nice milli's andpink dragon acros as well. Plate corails, wellsos hammers etc...
  13. New Store In Town

    There is a new saltwater store in town, Elite Aquatics of NWF. We have just recently opened our doors, and we are currently still in the process of growing our coral inventory. We also setup, maintain, move, and breakdown saltwater aquariums. We currently have corals in stock from unique corals (red dragon acro., and reverse sunset monti, along with other nice sps frags) we are continuing to grow our inventory, but are open to offer the public the inventory that we currently have in stock. we will be open Saturday (11/15/2014) from noon until 5pm. Elite Aquatics of NWF is located at 215 A Truman Street, in fort Walton beach, just off of racetrack road. Check us out on facebook at to see pictures of current inventory and to find out hours of operation.
  14. image 12 with your par readings at 100% actinic and 100% white. This is with all four led units running, correct? This doesn't seem like enough light, given the par readings you are showing? just curious if you have corals in the tank yet and how they are doing under the lights so far?
  15. Bayer Complete

    I have found that you can double the dosage with no real ill effect to the corals. when I do it I don't even measure dosages anymore, key point: rinse the coral in another bath of clean tank water to make sure all the treatment is washed off, going from the treatment straight back into the tank can take out your inverts rather easily.