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  1. Plumbing supplies and quest fittings

    Just hit me up later and i can get what ya need
  2. Octo Varios 6 Review

    That was my thoughts as well with gfo and carbon reactor added inline on the return line the head pressure loss was a concern. I am really only lookin for about 800gph through sump but with reactors and all probably gonna be more like 1k and up. Thanks fellas gonna go with the 6
  3. Octo Varios 6 Review

    Thanks bif
  4. Octo Varios 6 Review

    How the pump holdin out after a few months thinking of gettin a 4 for my return 1700gph a little to much flow through sump. But would like to get the 4 out of this series. Is it possible to range the pump down with the controller to about 1k gph? The 4 does 1065 at full throtle so this might be a better option if i can throtle down without valves. Thanks scott
  5. Plumbing supplies and quest fittings

    Drauka, I can hold off ordering mine if u need time to get ur list, no rush i was just gonna get mine on monday if no one was interested
  6. Plumbing supplies and quest fittings

    Yup that ol 125 has been stairing me down for a few years. And with all the new tech out there might make the wife feel a little better about setin it back far so good.
  7. Plumbing supplies and quest fittings

    ok so now that I got prices from some vendors here goes. Quest fittings 1/4" male x quest $.75.................3/8" $1.32................1/2"...............$1.92 1/4" bulkheads $2.00....................3/8" $2.60 1/4" elbows $1.16.............3/8" $1.178..................1/2" $2.13 gate valves 1 1/2" $37.00 1 1/4" $31.20 1/2" $15.53 schedule 80 fittings I am getting 1" 90's 45's tees unions sry forgot to get prices for tru union ball valves will get tomorrow. If you need anything else just let me know I don't mind getting stuff for my cost for folks to try and help cut the cost a little bit in this hobby. Scott.
  8. Hi everyone, Been a longtime since i last had a tank. Well i got the bug agian and this time taking my time slowly and methodically researching everything. But that is for another thread. I currently work for a plumbing supply in fwb i am about to order the parts i need for the tank and was curious if anyone else is interested in or needs quest fittings, gate or ball valves and such. If u do hit me up and i will add to my order. When i get home tonight i throw up a list of fittings that i know i am getting and their prices. i can get this stuff fairly cheap since i work here. Just let me know will probably shoot my order in on monday.
  9. Not sure if u r still planning this out spoon but the easiest way to determine load bearing walls is to look at ur roof. Which way do the rafters run. From ur pictures if the wall u want to put the tank in runs perpendicular to the rafters then usually not load bearing. If the wall runs adjacent to the rafters thwn 9 out 10 it is load bearing. But still i would have a engineer verify if it is or isnt
  10. Cutting SDR 21 PVC without crushing

    As said in a previous post wire saw or hack saw works best for thin wall pipe, the blade from a pvc ratchet cutter applies to much pressure and eggshapes the cut, unless u have a really sharp u sharpen them urself. Most blades that come with those cutters are sharp but not that sharp. Scott.
  11. Check Valves

    They do make a valve u can use in line that might work for future ref its called a swing check will only let water travel one direction and made of plastic only
  12. DIY drilling a tank .

    hey Bugby, If you have the tank there should be a sticker somewhere inside thetank if you find it right down the serial number and give all glass a call they can tell you exactly what panes are tempered and which ones aren't. By the way aquoen (or however you spell it) now owns all glass oceanic and a few other tank builders so they have the records called them about mine and they pulled all the infoormation about my tank up and from the serial number.
  13. For some reason today I stopped at niceville pets to see what they had and low and behold they have something I have been looking for a long time. Got me a engineer goby adult at about 8 inch's for cheap. I love this fish to bad they hide to darn much so had to steal a pic from another site.
  14. I know this isnt huge

    Smingrr personally I like the first bubble look. As for the letters maybe a black shadow type fade on the edges to make them stand out more, maybe a dark shade or blue fading to light blue. Heck this is weird giving critique on someones work when I can't even think about being able to do that with a comp. Swing if i draw something up similiar and scan think you can replicate and add your own personal twist to it. ok after posting I actualy got a good look a the second bubble pic what if you combine the letters from the second with the bubble on the first.
  15. Question for the Eglin types

    yeah they sell ammo as well, got a great selection of weapons as well. But i have found there prices are'nt any different from out in town though.