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  1. Worldwide Corals

    Glad you had a good experience there. I was there last a year ago, so things have likely changed for the better since then.
  2. Mydrall

    I had assumed it was a Wheel of Time reference when I first saw your screen name. But I think it is spelled with double d's in those books, so am not sure that's where it came from.
  3. Worldwide Corals

    I have stopped there twice while in Orlando and won't bother in the future. They have a nice big place, a new display tank, and it is probably worth seeing their place once just because it is on a different scale from what we have around here. But on both my trips I found that nothing was labeled, it was hard to get someone to help me, and when I did flag someone down they didn't know names or prices of anything either. I have a low tolerance for crappy customer service, so I left frustrated and empty handed both times and won't go back.
  4. I'm Baaaaaack! My Tanky Buildy

    I think I remember seeing that tank, loved the dimensions especially the depth front to back. Very cool!
  5. I'm Baaaaaack!

    So, what are you setting up? Size? Softie, mixed, SPS? Might as well start a build thread...
  6. 90G Build Opinions (Newb)

    Just go slowly with anything you do, especially adding livestock, and read as much as you can, and you will do fine. Triple check any advice you read or are given with other sources, online forums are full of posters who range from expert to idiot and you cannot tell the difference until you know enough to filter out the idiots. Same goes for pet shop employees, with the added caveat that they usually want to sell you something. To second aedwards, I expect that even with the additional 2 T5s you will end up wanting to replace your PC lights eventually with something stronger depending on what you want to keep down the road.
  7. I'm Baaaaaack!

    Still riding the roller coaster as well, welcome back to the addiction Chris!
  8. Nice frags! Where did you find them? I have pretty much given up on finding frags in Pensacola shops and am interested in who was carrying ORA stock. Thanks.
  9. Requiem For My Oldest Tank

    Very cool evolution of that little 10 gallon experiment, thanks for sharing!
  10. Diy Led Build Guide

    Thank you very much for putting this thread together! I am working my way through the references you provided, and am wondering if there is a guide you are aware of that lets you input variables like tank size/depth, coral types kept, and color rendering (i.e. 14k, 20k, etc..) preference and gives a guide to how many LEDs of what type to place how close together to achieve the desired results? I haven't made it all the way through the LED thread on nano yet, so maybe it is in there or on other forums, but a handy reference, like some of the reef additive calculators for Alk/Cal/Mg etc. would be a wonderful resource to play with. Again, thanks for putting this thread together! - Alan
  11. $5 Shipping Extended

    First time ordering from you guys, looking forward to new clean up crew.
  12. Very sorry to hear this, I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. I am sure someone with experience will chime in regarding what it will take to clean the seams and recaulk. - Alan
  13. Majano Pest Eliminator

    I have been lucky with aiptasia and my peppermints have cleaned those out and I have not seen one for a while in my display. Majanos on the other hand are getting to the point where I am afraid they are about to become a problem. I have considered a matted filefish or a racoon butterfly since I don't keep zoas or fleshy lps that I care much about, but I am not willing to risk that they might pick on my sps, and I know I would never be able to remove a fish from my display once added. So, I am going to work at manually controlling the majanos instead. I like what I have read about the zapper and the videos I have seen and am thinking that is the way I want to go rather than chemical warfare (kalk paste/vinegar/lime juice/Joe's Juice/etc....).
  14. Majano Pest Eliminator

    I am getting close to ordering one of these Aiptasers (http://tropicalreefcorals.com/product.php?id_product=155) to clear up a majano situation that is starting to get unsightly. Any of you who have been using them for a while have anything new to report about how you like them long term for pest control? Thanks! - Alan
  15. What Confuses Hobbyists.....

    I certainly don't envy the local store owners, especially over the past few years when so few potential customers have extra money for a luxury item like a reef tank. On the other hand, I would never feel comfortable calling a store to ask them to stay open longer for me to shop. If I did that, I would feel very obligated to have to buy something rather than be able to browse casually to see if something caught my eye, and I would not want to place myself in that position. Now that is probably just my own feeling, but there you go.