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  1. hes still fairly small but he molted lastnight
  2. Well let me know when you want to get him he was the smallest one i caught all year I think it was with you. he hasnt molted so hes the same size 5 inches or so and will decimate any snail cuc or bivalve unless its over 5-6 inches. I feed him those snail carnivorous snail/welks that you find tons of in the bay eats chunks of fish to. I stuff the fish in a 3/4 pvc cap and he goes after when the lights go out or bounces off his face.. also if you want to see him there needs to be no place he can fit, hes a damn ninja at hiding ,he does need some place to get away from the light though.
  3. you want mine? hes living in my sump now
  4. Is the water temp 80 yet? Its still FN cold ya nut! lol
  5. anywhere within a couple miles or so of the beach along the whole gulf coast id imagine.. I only dive in the area from from seaside to navarre.
  6. Jacob and I have caught frog fish on shallow natural bottom usually less than 60 ft I dont see them deeper or im just missing them,but I see them every time way inshore..
  7. Gaming system

    After meeting you guys (the clarkies are doing great by the way!) I can say you would appreciate the Wii's games and gaming the most!
  8. made me a slurp gun

    as cleaners go ive only seen skunks and pederson shrimps so far with the pedersons being more common.
  9. I just said that shoulda dove today is nice out there slick today again
  10. I read an article years ago in the Pensacola News Journal about a researcher that did a study on how the purity of the beach sand could be determined by the sound it acutally made while you walked on it. I know the sand on the renourished parts of the beach aren
  11. I dont have any problems with local sand and it looks really nice. Matt has had it in his main shop tank in the front for years and a couple of other tanks with no ill affects. I rinsed it out with hose water 5 gallons at a time to get the light weight sand and silt out along with some sort of little worms that are in it,osmotic shock kills any you miss. I get zero sandstorms even with my high flow or when i stir up the sand moving stuff around. I heard it can leach silicates but i haven't seen it and i have 400 +lbs of it in my 250. So whatever floats your boat I love it some may not.. As far as getting it get it out the surf, and find someone with a beach house. That way no one will mess with you while your hauling it to your truck in 5 gallon buckets.Thats what I did in sandestin, beach patrol saw me doing it to and just kept on driving.. I imagine it would be a issue if you did it at a public access.
  12. made me a slurp gun

    I really made it for shrimps after i accidently killed a skunk cleaner lastweekend and for these neon blue ones ive been seeing that are to small and fast to catch by hand...we will see what happens
  13. made me a slurp gun

    Sorry about the sorry pic but you can get the idea. I made it out of one of those novelty beer dispensing back packs someone gave me as a gag gift. Its 3"x30" the plunger rod is a fiberglass rod driveway reflector the piston is a garden hose guide cut in half and turned around to sandwich foam i got out of a life jacket to make a good seal on the tube. Then its just cotter pined to the fiberglass rod rod. Ive even got a tip that reduces down to 1.5 inch its a top of a divot filler you see on the back of a golf cart the thing that has sand in it. Anyway i tested it on my dock around some piles and it seems to work pretty damn good.
  14. Im with you guys for the glue slogan! I would wear it and put a bumper sticker on my truck! Thats killer!!!
  15. This weekends collecting.. the star is a orange ridged seastar. got a bunch of arrow crabs to you can see in the bucket.. Had a sweet frog fish to but he swam out of the lobster bag when we wernt looking im going to have to carry a diffent bag instead of my lobster inn next time