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  1. Nazi Coral Farm

    omfg...muahahaha... . . "I miss my old nano"
  2. Water movement?

    Did you buy the ones the guy was selling for $60 the two cubes ?
  3. 120g build!! i'm gonna take it slow!

    Why you selling it nate???!?!?1
  4. My first build, 55 gallon

    Glad to see you came and got it, It was a hell of a deal on that rodi
  5. GRRRR boiling tank

    Another reason I love my ACjr
  6. A new house, a new build ! 50 long Glass cages prop tank

    Ya know what im not sure what bulbs they are..lol...ill look in the am
  7. A new house, a new build ! 50 long Glass cages prop tank

    No reason to open another thread but the 24g i bought for $100, I sold and bought a 28g nanocube HQI, which came with a stand and a tunze 9002 skimmer. Its the wifes new tank. I think we're done with tanks for now We got plenty. Im jealous of her, I like her tank more than my nanocube now.
  8. A new house, a new build ! 50 long Glass cages prop tank

    Watching the kids, figured I mess with the lights.. Just a tease... Quick question my ACjr reads 78.5 degrees which is where I have it set to keep temp....my coralife digital says 76.5, so I threw my other digital one in there too and i got 76.5 as well, hmmmm what should i go with, they say i may have to adjust the acs temp probe a few points but didnt say i might have to move it 2 degrees... what do you think ?
  9. A new house, a new build ! 50 long Glass cages prop tank

    lol, yea thats what i thought you meant, but when i read your post i didnt get it. lol. yea 4 should be ok
  10. A new house, a new build ! 50 long Glass cages prop tank

    Umm I just read that and Im not sure if I get what youre saying alan lol, are you saying its not enough light ? This is the very high out put t5 kit that reefgeek sells for $350 with ice cap slr reflectors that are the best on the market. Im sure itll be plenty if anything I may have to add 2 more bulbs to make the 18 inches front to back
  11. A new house, a new build ! 50 long Glass cages prop tank

    Well, yesterday afternoon I noticed a little swelling around my left jawbone. I went to bed and woke up this am and my swelling had increased to about the size of a grapefruit. So we freaked out and went to our dentist, and I have a severe infection due to a molar thats needed to have been pulled. So I got a crapload of antibiotics and pain killers, its feeling better. On a better note Joe texted me late last night to inform me this came in Oh and the milky water cleared up after I added a filter sock, and got my lights thanks to Chris I got a 660 with the slr reflectors, the complete kits and some bulbs which the guy we got them from said they were new, but who knows. reefgeek says the 660 over drives the bulbs to 85 watts, either 85 or 80 I still think a 4 bulb will be ok, if not ill add 2 more bulbs and another 660. Now I gotta figure how Im going to use the lights on the tank. Im not building a canopy but I might built an open are fixture and suspend it over the tank with electrical conduit like i did with my lumenbright over my nanocube.
  12. gel based food

    We have some of that stuff I dont know what it is, but it doesnt melt away. Ive actually dropped one in the "food" cup instead of a brine shrimp cube
  13. A new house, a new build ! 50 long Glass cages prop tank

    Came home to a cloudy tank, so I siphon out what little if any detritus there was out of the BB display. Any ideas on the cloudiness ? Nothing has changed since it started cycling 2 weeks ago,. Any ideas?
  14. Zoa's

    Every site carries them.
  15. My 125 Pic Heavy

    Hey Chris when once you upload your pics to photobucket, resize them to the LARGE preset and the whole pic will show up, Just the LARGE setting though. I use to have the same problems with my pics until i bumped my cell phone qaulity setting down a notch and resize in photobucket