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  1. Blue Mushroom Rock For Sell Or Trade

    Please let me know if you have any more! I just love these!!! I have a smaller tank (29) and would love to buy just one!
  2. Macna 2015

    Anyone in DC this weekend?
  3. Can Someone Id?

    I have had my cube set up for about two months. Got some frags and this white stuff has started growing, is it good or bad?
  4. Devildogfish

    Got a lot of great Zoas! Very pleased, he helped me a lot!
  5. What is this thing called?

    I looked at this thing all night. It does not have the "hammer" look like I saw in another aquarium at Ivey's. It has just round ones. It doesn't come out of the rock very far either. I am thinking frogspawn, from what I actually see of it. I know the picture is not that great! Thanks for the ID!
  6. What is this thing called?

    I saw a hammer, and this is not like that, so I guess Frogspawn, is that right?
  7. Thanks Big Pumper & Reefer's Paradise

    I agree. I kind of went in blind and was nervous never going to one of these meets before, but really enjoyed it! I have set up my new frags and my husband was stoked at what I brought home![attachment=0]100_3256.JPG[/attachment]In this pic are the brown Xinias and pink Xinia's![attachment=1]100_3254.JPG[/attachment] You can see the purple and red Zoa's and the little clump of green and orange zoas and the long eyelash zoas on the bottom. Thanks again so much! Next meeting, I will know to bring some corals and not just the shrimp and Goby! I hope they are settling in well!
  8. At the risk of sounding like a total newbie (which I am close!) what is this called?[attachment=0]100_3259.JPG[/attachment]
  9. What is this fuzzy stuff?

    Here is updated picture of the "fuzzy stuff"[attachment=0]100_3226.JPG[/attachment]
  10. What is this fuzzy stuff?

    I heard something about a foxface fish or something. Does anyone know where I can get one? Or borrow one? It is getting better, though. Slowly but surely.
  11. Who's excited about the meet?

    I am new to this forum and was thinking about coming to the meeting. Are these for members only. How much is it to join? I have a VERY well behaved 5 year old. Is he welcome at the meeting? What if I don't have stuff to "trade" can people sell it to me? What is the scoop?
  12. What is this fuzzy stuff?

    The fight is on BABY! I got a new Maxi-jet 1200 and got rid of the "generic" one I had. I might put another Maxijet like 600 in there too. The Algea is getting less and less. Thank you all for your help. I cleaned EVERYTHING this weekend. The protien skimmer, the filter and the heater. I am on a mjor budget so saving for a new heater a little bit at a time. I got the maxi-jet on ebay for $8.10 On top of all of this, I am also working Dave Ramsey's plan trying to get out of debt. I wish I could just got drop down the money and do it, but I will be patient. Thanks so much for all the help.
  13. What is this fuzzy stuff?

    Okay, I had my water tested and they said it was "perfect" from waterworld. I moved my powerhead from the bottom of the tank to the top, so I hope this will help. I did not do the vodka.
  14. What is this fuzzy stuff?

    yeah, I think I'll pass on that. I am just sick of all the up keep and could use the money. Any takers?
  15. What is this fuzzy stuff?

    Can you get those things locally anywhere? I have a coral banded shrimp, will he eat whatever these things are?