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  1. 220G Build

    Wow, awesome setup! Looks better than a professional setup. I am very impressed.
  2. Frag Tank Build

    Excellent work, any pics of frags?
  3. Radions....

    Visual growth in a week. Nice! At $4K -$5K, it should jump off the tank and have dinner waiting for ya when u get home.
  4. Buzzing Sound

    +1 For timers
  5. 65 Gallon Tank Startup

    +1 anemone eating tangs
  6. New Store In Destin

    I mostly keep high end sps and zoas. I am going to bioreef in Jacksonville this week as well and they got it all. Just let me know what u want. I may have it or I can definitely get it.
  7. New Store In Destin

    Buc what wow factor corals are u looking 4?
  8. New Store In Destin

    I heard they get high end coral, but then don't sell it...
  9. Buying Online

    What are you looking for?
  10. Clowns Hosting Anemone

    Clowns love some rose bubble tips!
  11. My Tank Parameters, Are They Good

    Well the most important test is coral color and growth. Both are great in my tank and all fish are fat and healthy. No pesky algae and great coralline algae. I don't care if 0 nitrates aren't possible. He asked a simple question, and he got put under a microscope. Just because you can't get your car up to 170 mph doesn't mean nobody has acarcan go 170. It is all in the equipment and driver.
  12. My Tank Parameters, Are They Good

    I do a 10% water change once every six months, and my nitrates are zero. Good live rock, great skimmer, and a good filtration system is key. I over feed and have too many fish but all is still good. Nitrates at zero should be a common theme for any reef tank. If not, look to upgrade equipment, just my experience. Your numbers seem fine, have fun reefing!
  13. What Is This?

    I got this algae in my tank when I ran fiji pink T5 bulb in my lighting system. It grew over and turned my coraline red. I changed back to the actinic bulb and it went away.
  14. Led Question

    Well it is amazing, hearing people say they haven't heard any negatives of LEDs. Everyone talks about how great they are. Well here is a great perspective of hobbyists. Read the link; Not one person 100% convinced on the LED fad. Every person recommended either MH or T5. The money saved on bulbs will be spent replacing your corals. Simply not worth to time or effort, and by the time you figure it out, your corals are dead and fixture is outdated.
  15. 20 Gallon Lps/sps Setup

    So far, so good... Keep up the good work.