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  1. After The Holidays

    I used mullet roe extensively with my breeders. They loved it. But only available in Nov/Dec for about 3 weeks. I think I paid $8 a pound. Worth every penny. Miles
  2. Closed Till Next Year

    And I was hoping to stop by there on the 30th to see the kids... Miles
  3. The Clown Hatchery

    Well... Its been fun. We were able to get a great deal on a new house and instead of moving everything again, adding 6 new electrical circuits in the garage, piping water and installing drains, and having to insulate the ceiling and door AGAIN... I decided to sell the hatchery. Tank Bred Aquatics came last week and we loaded it all up in a couple hours. I know Jaime and Chris will take good care of the 16 pair of adults, and the babies. Go in an check them out. They should start selling some of the babies they took in about a month... B&Ws, Ocellaris, and True Percs. Its been a tough but rewarding journey, and it was bitter sweet to watch 5 yrs of work drive off. But now I'll have the time to get my display tank back to looking good, and of course more time for my 4 and 6 yr old. Maybe I'l just start fagging zoas and corals That should be easy enough right! Miles
  4. Turf Algae Filter

    Does it work? Heck yeah! My nitrates went from mid 60's to less than 5 in about 6 weeks, and I didn't do anything different. But I didn't turn off the skimmer either. Was it worth it? I only had to buy the coupling and screen, as I had everything else. Tank, shop light, bulkheads, pvc... It is connected to my broodstock system, need lots of room, lots of light, and lots of flow. Luckily I have all that. I won't be adding it to my 90 display anytime soon... not this version. I need to try the insump, upwelling version for that tank. It did not eliminate the algae from the rest of the system, soI still have to scrape and siphon the other 15 tanks. But for nitrates it works as advertised, and I do fewer nitrate reducing water changes. I'd recommend it for those with a fish room/remote filter room, and not to stuff it under a normal standalone display tank. Miles
  5. The Clown Hatchery

    Rots and phyto are always my Achilles's heel. I won't be able to pull every nest, but having extra is always good in case of early hatches and/or out of rots. But I do have an intern starting tomorrow. That will help a ton. I'm just not sure where the money is going to come from yet
  6. Maced By The Tang Police....

    Here is my experience. We set up our first SW tank... a 90, after the wife saw Nemo in '06. So we got a Nemo and Dori... and countless others for the first 6 mths. Later we added a Yellow tang. Even later.. through her office, she orderd a "small" blond Naso. We got a 12" Blond Naso. So we ended up with a large Regal, a large Naso, and a large Yellow. Never a second of aggression. But after 4 yrs, I will say... they were all skinny. The yellow finnaly passed, and we are left w the Naso and Regal. They look like they are never fed, but its not the amount of food they eat... they don't have the room to swim and build muscle. We were told that Naso wouldn't make it 6 mths. But he's still swimming 5 yrs later as well as the Regal at 6 yrs. As someone stated before, had I known then what I know now, we never would have gotten another tang after the Regal. But the two are still alive and "healthy". Just my exp... Not an endorsement. Miles
  7. The Clown Hatchery

    My Picassos just laid their first nest in 4 yrs... only about 25 eggs though. But its a start!! So all I have that aren't spawning yet are a pair of GSMs, pair of B&Ws, and an Onyx/True Perc pair. Thats 13 of 16 pairs. Going to be a busy summer!! Miles
  8. Algea Problem

    Razor blades will scrape anything off the glass. Miles
  9. Turf Algae Filter

    We'll see what happens. Miles
  10. Trying Something New - Peppermint Shrimp

    Good luck with them. I hear they are a bit tougher than clowns, but about the same husbandry. Now if you could co raise them with the fish... you might be on to something I had 4 peps in my 90 and they were always dropping eggs. IIRC... They can change sex rapidly, so whichever shrimp hatches the eggs one week, may be the daddy the next. Miles
  11. Turf Algae Filter

    I'd like to know also. I'm thinking of adding one to try on one of my systems. But It'd have to be pretty big for my needs. I have a few 20L I can use. Miles
  12. The Clown Hatchery

    I will eventually get a pair of pink skunks. I think they are beautiful fish. But I need some fish income first. I'm pulling a nest of Ocellaris tonight. Let the fun begin! Miles
  13. A Couple Of Questions

    I used to feed it to my tangs from the refugium. Miles
  14. The Clown Hatchery

    Its been almost a year since I pulled a nest. I sold my last fish back in Dec '11. I thought I had the CO sold last month, but it fell through. After that, I figured it was time to regroup and start producing fish again. I moved 6 pair of fish and shut down 2 of the 4 systems. I now have all my broodstock in one system, minus 2 pair that are still in their own tank. I have rots and phyto brewing again and will start pulling nests this week. I'm hoping to be back to full production in a month or 2. But I'll need to build a new grow out system. Most likely it will mirror the brood stock system, which used to be my grow out system. It will probably be fall/winter before I have enough sell to the Panhandle area, but be on the lookout. I have 2 pair of B&Ws spawning, and 1 pair of Ocellaris. The rest of my spawning pairs I moved and may take a few months to get back on schedule I'm back to a twice a day feeding schedule, and I still have a ton of roe to fatten them up with. Thanks for all the support in the past, and I hope everyone will continue to support us and other breeders in the future. Miles
  15. Clown Eggs

    Not a huge demand for Clarkiis. One batch a year would provide the state of FL all it needs. But you'll need phyto plankton, rotifers, and a separate tank to raise them. There is a lot if info available out there on how to raise them. It'd be a fun, but expensive project. Give it a shot. Miles Clown Hatchery