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  1. Sounds like an ok plan. 10 is not bad for nitrates though. and .02 for phosphates is about where lots of people try to keep theirs With the numbers you are describing I would not fool with the MarinePure. You may wish to look into vinegar dosing instead of vodka same premise as vodka , mainly because it is not as potent and could be easier to dial in your dose.
  2. 180 Gallon Dream (Now Reality)

    looking good Dude
  3. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Get everything back on track?
  4. Kessil users

    People have done it. I think most had them turned up pretty high. I've always used the 360 so not a ton of help. From what I've seen the 160 is mainly used in Lps/softie nanos with maybe some low light sps up high. Or for shimmer supplement.
  5. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Magnesium first. Then slowly bring up the Alkalinity. And yeah keep an eye on calcium. It could still use a small bump too
  6. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Need to dose around 1/2 as much magnesium as you did the first time. Once magnesium is up the other numbers will improve with dosing
  7. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    With those numbers I am 90% sure a 4 DKH is not possible. Yes that would have skewed the results If calcium is at 480 then you need to stop dosing calcium too
  8. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    What are the other parameters. Pretty sure 4 isn't possible.
  9. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Getting there. Slow and steady to keep from upsetting the stuff you have now is best.
  10. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    No Problem, Keep us updated on how it goes.
  11. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Only way to know that is with regular testing. You can add kalk to the top off water now, while you are bringing the numbers up to see if it helps keep up with the corals usage while you are raising the parameters. Once you get the parameters in check try to test every few days and adjust the amount of kalk you add to the top off to keep the numbers pretty steady. Remember though that once you reach the 2teaspoons of kalk powder per gallon of rodi then you are maxed out with kalk and will be needing to start dosing 2 part to keep parameters in check.
  12. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Try not to overlap. That plan sounds ok
  13. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Do you do regular water changes on the tank? If so the yes - epsom salt is a decent magnesium supplement. Its magnesium sulfide. The sulfides can build up in a tank without water changes, unknown if it will cause an issue or not but best to keep up with water changes. Make sure the epsom salt is just plain and not scented or anything. Should be pretty cheap. I come up with a little over 1000g of mag sulfate to get mag up to 1320 in a 150 gallon tank. Higher is fine, up to around 1450 to 1500ppm mag. Above that some stuff might not like it. You can dose the mixed magnesium dose fairly fast, a fast drip would be ideal. Dose it first then the other supplements
  14. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    You need to raise Magnesium to over 1300 or you are wasting your time. Those are total numbers. I would suggest dosing 1/3 of the calcium solution each day (drip method would be great) and 1/3 of the Alk solution each nigh (drip method preferred)
  15. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    ok assumptions 150 gallon water volume ASSUMING that Magnesium levels are in correct range calcium currently 340ppm alkalinity currently 6.0 DKH AKL desired 7.8 DKH Calcium Desired - 400ppm Supplements used Alk - Baking Soda Calcium - Calcium Chloride 25 teaspoons of calcium chloride dissolved in RODI water and dosed should raise levels to ~400ppm 6.5 teaspoons of baking soda dissolved in RODI water and dosed should raise levels to 7.8DKH All that said, dose those 2 solutions slowly over a few days