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  1. Adding Folks to the Forum

    Welcome to the Forum, @Humblefish
  2. Adding Folks to the Forum

    Humblefish would be a great addition to our club/forum. I think he is looking at moving to the area.
  3. Catching 3 Yellow Tail Damsels

    Once you remove the damsels then the tang mat come out more on his own. I have always just net caught fish so, sorry I am no help with the bottle trap. I think its just basically cutting a bottle in half and inverting the top into the bottom portion with a bit of food, once the fish is in then they don't seem able to figure out how to exit easily
  4. My 65 Gallon

    Looks good as always. You seem to have the touch
  5. Fish for sale

    I think he editted the first post with what was left. Probably easiest to text him. Super nice guy and sold me a very healthy fish a while back.
  6. apex

    Good deal, glad they followed through. My plan is to upgrade to the 2016 version when BRS has their christmas sale. I will say the Lite that I picked up used has been pretty bullet proof.
  7. apex

    Can't reboot? Whats it doing? I usually just remove the aquabus cables on mine and do a hard reboot that way. With ANY electronics you are going to run into quirks and issues especially with all the variables the APEX brings to the table. I had an issue with mine a while back and Brad on here was able to help me out with getting it back workign right. Recently mine did a little freak out when I was moving but I think that was mostly my fault, a reboot (and i reprogrammed it since the tank setup changed drastically) and I was back on track to automated bliss . If you are interested in Trident then you may want to read more on the GHL KH Director, I am seeing reports that they have an adapter to run it on APEX available. obviously that woudl be an option too if you wanted to go with a diffrent brand controller.
  8. Algaebarn.com

    He was showing off a new species that they are carrying now at MACNA. Very nice guy. New species was larger than tisbe but was a swimmer at juvenile and crawler at adult, this way you could stock the sump and the swimmers constantly supplying your display. I had planned on buying a few pouches but was worried about heat. And then I didn't see them on the last day.
  9. Was a great event. Got to meet and chat with several influential people in the hobby and see several of the vendors and chat with them as well. All very nice people. Its always sort of suprising how small this hobby really is when you see most of all the big names in one event like this. Some nice new products in the pipelines. lots of options for LED lighting seem to be coming, there was a Japanese light that they were looking for a US distributor that was very sleek, and very user friendly and also had great color and seemed right on top of what Kessil and Ecotech and AI have put out in a smaller form factor. Fish - there has been success in breeding several never before captive bred fish, Several large Angels (you know the ones that are currently over $1000 each wild caught. Also Blotched Anthias which we got to see up close in thier tanks. Very nice fish and hopefully with more successful batches his prices will continue to drop since those are now on my list of fish i want to keep. They will be distributed out of a facility in Ft Lauderdale to so that might help us here in FL. Apex -- Trident.... awesome looking product. Great price point - $500-600 measures ALK, Calcium AND Mag in one unit, reagents $40 for all 3 and I think he said monthly would be the usage. NO ONE ELSE HAD ALL THREE. Mindstream was there but still says they are a year away and it was $1K for the unit and $50 a month for discs (Not sure how much I trust the way they are reading the test results too, totally different than anyone else). The GHL KH Guardian was there too but seemed bulky to me and only handled ALK and their price point was higher. Jim Welsh who came up with the base for the Trident system was there and is a super nice guy. We chatted for a solid 10-15 minutes and was very personable and knowledgeable about the product. The only maintenance other than changing reagents they had came up with so far would be yearly or bi-yearly replacement of some tubing in the unit. Said the unit would not be completely APEX programmable, you will only have options for testing cycles not fully user specified, he was saying they were hitting some problems with reagent lifespan if you tested to infrequently so thir minimum was probably going to be 4 tests per day which seems great to me, at that frequency i think he said reagent lasts a month. It will need the latest APEX to run which is a bit of a downer but he said the processor on the old unit just couldn't reliably handle the computations and thats understandable to me. I am sure there could be a work around but it would have pushed the Trident unit price higher and they decided to go the other way. So all that said it looks like for the BRS Black Friday stuff I will be planning on buying a new APEX so I am ready when the trident comes to market.
  10. Will be heading over to New Orleans next week. a few days before MACNA for some fun and then going to MACNA. don't know how many of y'all are still going. hopefully some of yall make it. It'll be my 3rd time going and the last 2 were way back.
  11. Generator 3750 Surge - $150

    Every reef tank needs a generator. This one is big enough to run everything on your tank and a small window ac unit. I had calculated up that it would be just enough to run all the necessities in my house with the 93 (refrigerator, chest freezer, small ac, and most of the tank life support) When I moved I setup the house for a bigger generator that I have now so this one isn't needed. Starts on the first of second pull every time even after sitting. Motor is small enough that almost anyone should be able to start it. It also comes on a 2 wheel cart that it easy for someone to wheel it around. Only 2 "bad" things on this generator: #1 - The gas tank is small, probably only 1-1/2 gallons, but it runs for several hours on that so not a huge problem. #2 the gas cap is cracked, I am sure with some searching a replacement could be found, I kept it in a shed its whole life so the crack was no issue for me. Plan was to use some bondo over the crack if push ever came to shove. Picture is not mine but is of the same generator model and is in similar condition.
  12. I have a couple things I am not going to need for the new build and figured I would offer them here first. 3 "sets" of LET 24" T5 setups (ballast, 4 waterproof endcaps, 2 mirro reflectors and wiring) The wiring harness has been shortened a little but there is still lots of wire for plenty of mounting options. These three "sets" will get you a 6 bulb T5 setup with the ability to turn on 2 bulbs at a time for a nice dusk/dawn effect. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/t5-ho-miro-4-retrofit-kit-let-lighting.html New $120 each set, asking $75 each set, $200 if you buy all 3 sets. I have bulbs that I will throw in with the setup but they have 12 months of use on them so they are more for verifying that everything is wired right than reef use at this point. Vortech Mp10WES - still in great shape, these are not the newest Quiet Drive but most can tell you the QD doesn't really lessen sound much on the 10 size. https://www.marinedepot.com/EcoTech_Marine_VorTech_MP10wES_Propeller_Pump_w_Wireless_EcoSMART_Driver_Adjustable_Flow_Aquarium_Powerheads-EcoTech_Marine-EM1253-FIPHAD-vi.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwhrzLBRC3ARIsAPmhsnWbuXdm5sbo3itHbhVb2J6x3IQ9vE9qjxcrQojh5fg4fhw9_ZTTVu4aAoRMEALw_wcB $100 each I can arrange pickup in Valparaiso (North of Fort Walton just a short way,beside Niceville)
  13. The Melenarus was out and eating last night. I am hoping the Rhomboid shows up tonight.
  14. I have moved and thanks to the tremendous amount of help from Richard (lobstergrabber) the tank is moved as well. Everything with the move went pretty smoothly. I built a new basic stand for the tank the day before the move and simply had to cut the holes for the plumbing once we had the tank there. We were able to load all the rock into a cooler in the truck and cover it with the old tank water. Everything seems to have made the move well. The clowns and angel and shrimp are out and enjoying the new rock layout, the two wrasses (rhomboid and melenarus) are both still hiding. hopefully they make an appearance soon.
  15. Fish for sale

    He's in Pensacola