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  1. by isolation tank I assume you mean acclimation tank, if so then that should work better, It also may work better to remove foxface and yellow for a few days to the QT, that would let the Naso establish himself and would possibly break the yellow and foxfaces territory. Naso's are pretty but they just get so dang big. They also have a reputation of eventually being the boss of a tank and being pretty vicious.
  2. Awesome, thanks
  3. I think Marine Depot sells a RO/DI unit called a Buddy or something like that, it all folds up into a tight triangle shape that looks like it would fit under a kitchen cabinet well. Water quality is kind of a big deal in our tanks so any of the unknown variables we can eliminate by filtering the water better the better off we are in the long run. More than likely what will make it through the RO membrane will be Phosphates which leads to algae farms (in most cases) in our tanks if its not managed well.
  4. Go ahead with your order. I haven't had time to work up a plumbing plan yet and I'm not really sure when I will get around to it. Thanks for the offer though!
  5. I'll try to work up a plumbing list. Thanks
  6. Good deal, glad you got it quiet
  7. Nice, that location is a lot more convenient for me to make it to when over in Pensacola
  8. The Heart of the system arrived last night.
  9. I'm hoping one day my tank does as well as yours Keep up whatever you're doing
  10. strange, the smaller Sicce i had on a system was very quiet. Place it on a silicon pad (like they sell for kitchen use) and i'm sure you have soft silicon line for a small piece before it goes to hard pipe.
  11. Nice, I think its a good plan moving the Sicce pump over too
  12. nice thing with acrylic, just weldon some plates to cover the holes and you should be good to go.
  13. Small update, Powerheads - a friend of mine up north has a "Box full of Tunze pumps" turns out there are 3 - Tunze 6105's, 1 - Tunze 6205 and a Tunze 7095 controller. 2 of the 6105's need new shafts but all the rest are otherwise good. He is going to mail me the whole box of stuff for use on the 240. there is also another Tunze pump in there but I don't think I will need it with what amounts to 4 strong powerheads in the tank for flow. Return pump - The Reef Octopus Varios 8 has been ordered.
  14. Package Sold