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  1. Anybody Here Keep A Fw Planted Tank?

    I have some plants. Only 3 types but when they grow out I have a lot of them.
  2. Reel Life

    So I've seen all these Salt Life stickers on cars all over town and remember I had a buddy who started a company about two years ago that is similar. I know there are folks who visit this site who also fish so I figured I'd post a link to his site to help him out. His company is Reel Life and the website is:
  3. I wanted to post this for those of you who stop by progressive when in Mobile. Rich has spent the last 2 months moving into a new store and he posted this info on our local boards. I figure I'd give everyone a heads up. 6412 Airport Blvd(airport& hillcrest- behind Checkers ) New shop# 251.414.3310 Hours: Mon-Closed Tues-Fri 2-6 Sat- 10-5 Sun- Closed
  4. Majano

    Yea I'd say that tank is more of a fish tank with some corals he doesn't mind losing. Just your standard zoanthids and other leathers. I've seen numerous angels in that tank over the time. I've got to say the Goldflake in there now is probably one of the nicest angels I've seen in the shop. I remember buying Majanos years ago when I first got into the hobby. Banguy on was selling things and I got an orange yuma and some majanos from him. Probably the most boneheaded mistake I've made.
  5. Majano

    When you told me you put a racoon butterfly in a tank full of acros I thought you were crazy. If he took care of the problem and he is now out thats great. Progressive has a beautiful goldflake angelfish in and Rich put it in the square display tank. Well needless to say he took out a good portion of the zoanthids and was also munching on a green sinularia. Rich basically said as long as he is eating he will stay in the tank. He didn't want to lose that expensive of a fish.
  6. check this thread out dissolving zoanthids
  7. Looks to me like the zoas are melting. I'm not sure what the official term is for this but the brown base of the zoanthids is something i recognize. Seems like it happens to fresh from the wild colonies more often. I'm not sure what causes it or the specifics but have read about it before on RC and what people have attempted to do to stop it. Basically I lost a rather large colongy of LA Laker Zoanthids to the same thing. I did save a few polyps though by fragging them.
  8. My Heart's Desire

    I don't have any of those at the moment but one that cought my eye the other day is this.. Some of those minis have great color. bluezooaquatics had about a half dozen with great color.
  9. No More Free Shipping!

    My only reply to this is many people don't order stuff on line often and when they do they hope to get things all in one locations. If its known an item isn't in they would have order elsewhere. Unfortionatly I don't get free shipping unless I hit $150 and thats hard to do with inverts/cleanup crew for a 65 gal tank. I guess I could have it sent to the Fedex facility in Pensacola and drive the hour to pick it up. I no longer have anything sent to my house anyway. I'll always pick it up from UPS or Fedex.
  10. No More Free Shipping!

    I don't know but I had a difficult time dealing with them on my only order. It wasn't a normal order but getting in touch with them was difficult at times. I posted about it here before and we finally got thing figured out but I don't think it should have been as difficult as it was. I also think every place needs to see and hear the negative feedback or they may never change their problems. With that said I may order again from then in the near future.. we shall see
  11. 65 gal tub build

    Some updated pictures of my fish and coral. Sorry about the color and quality of some of them.
  12. Local Dealer Of Aga Aqueon Aquariums

    The 65 is a nice tank. I like the width. My 65 tub
  13. If that St. Andrews trip is in September I wouldn't use the fact that there isn't any oil on the beach now as an indicator of what things will be like in September. The oil is still free flowing and I couldn't see a reason why the oil doesn't come ashore east of Mobile.
  14. Yea, Just poor customer service on their part. Had my wife not heard from her that day I was ready to just cancel the order and deal with someone who really wanted my business.
  15. Well the order came in this morning and I'm happy with the livestock. I acclimated everything and left for work so we will see how it does when I get home. I was happy with the size of the fish and most of the inverts. I'd probably order again despite the bad communication with them, although I probably wouldn't do a group order unless 1 person was paying for everything. That became a pita.