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  1. ALOT! yardboy has pictures
  2. Was a decent scuba dive. Better viz & marine life than most times there. Glad I made in time for at least one dive with yall. I brought 3 tanks but should of also brought my 2nd set of dive gear too.
  3. Keys Divng

    Here's the two short videos I made in the keys last week.
  4. I went out on a boat dive a few months ago with Pat Green (panamacitydivecharters) & my buddy Kelly Colwell he's a (Divers Den scuba instructor) and OMG what a dive. Water on the deck floor of the boat was frozen 5mm wetsuit & hood and down I went into the gulf. I remember on one of my shore jetty dives that same week my water temp gauge said 48°. I guess being from Minnesota and skinny dipping into frozen lakes kind of made me immune. If I'm still around next year I'm down to dive with anyone no matter how cold.
  5. Might get orders by JULY to leave here but could get stationed at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan. Also might not get orders and end up stuck here forever. If I leave here my 125g tank & almost everything will be up for grabs for dirt cheap. Buddies gets first dibs OMG! The wait is KILLING ME!
  6. Favorite Backgrounds

    One word comes to my mind "vertigo"
  7. Favorite Backgrounds

    I did mine in black too when I moved my tank down to FL. IMO black makes viewing the tank inhabitants better and blue is like open water diving conditions lol
  8. algea turf scrubber

    I've been using one for over a year now and love the results. I threw out my skimmer
  9. dalethomas

  10. What are your new years resolutions?

    Getting ripped & toned !
  11. YiNYaNg's 125 gal tank

    Yeah, been too busy to make a detailed thread. I'll make one sometime after the move.
  12. YiNYaNg's 125 gal tank

    I moving this week to a bigger house. Another move
  13. Times Up

    Stay safe, have fun, and good luck
  14. YiNYaNg's 125 gal tank

    working good
  15. Anyone scuba diving this weekend? I'll pay to get all your tanks filled too.