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  1. Trade?

    James, did you lose your torches?
  2. Speckled Krak zoa

    @beradd sent you a text.
  3. Speckled Krak zoa

    Speckled Krak zoa Fs, one polyp 75$.
  4. Want to give a shout out to sb reefs. I had to wall hammer that was reeciding. I asked the owner if he will take take a look at the coral and see if we can save it. He treated the coral and held it in his hospital tank for a month and the coral is doing great. Nice to have a LFS that is willing to help the hobbyist.
  5. 125 tear down live stock for sale

    Interested in cardinals
  6. Tank part out

    Can you post the pic of the doses?
  7. Reef keeper temp probe

    I have a brand new reef keeper elite temp probe for 20$.
  8. Auto top off

    Do you still have to ATO for sale?
  9. LTB

    29g biocube.
  10. LTB

    Returning back to the hobby after a long break. I am looking to buy ATO ROFI MP10 let me know what you got. Thanks,
  11. Lighting for Sale

    Sent pm on kessel.
  12. 220G Build

    The tank looks awesome. Great to see all the fish swimming happy. It will look even more great when your corals grow out.
  13. The Build

    I was there today to pick up some salt, should say the set up very impressive. Will try to be there for the opening day.
  14. I Am Back

    Lol ya it starts on the 8th. I want to see if you can hold couple of corals for me, tyree red dragon and incredible hulk. I can bring it over to you sat or meet you somewhere in Pns if you are planning to come out here.
  15. I Am Back

    Getting back in here after a long time. Sorry to bail out on you guys for 5 months. My daughter started playing softball and somehow I ended up coaching the team and did not realise that coaching a team took so much of your time. Anyway,my tanks are still going but lost lot of corals due to bad water quality but all my fishes are doing great. Need to get my water parameters back in order and rebuild my coral stock again.