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  1. Shallow Reef Cube

    Hey Roger, that tank is looking good. Bet it's even better looking now. Have any updated pics you can post? Hope you and your wife are doing good. Rob
  2. Need Ballast Wiring Diagram

    Hmm, I haven't been around here for a long while. Figured I'd come by and check things out. Saw this post and thought that I'd google for the diagram. Second and third result were the same post made by Doc on other forums, 5/09 alienfish, you might find what you are looking for at the links below. Did you get the ballast from Doc? Link:http://www.reefsanctuary.com/forums/equipment/46366-need-ballast-wiring-diagram.html Link:http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1629882 From RS. Same one at RC. Interesting "I purchased a used ARO 60-6005 ballast with two tubes and endcaps. The harness had been hacked and endcaps for tubes 1 & 4 plus the harness plug were chopped off and removed. I was wondering if anyone had the wiring diagram."
  3. Tattoo artist / shop in the area? Ft Walton to Pcola?

    I haven't gotten any notifications about replies to this thread or I would have replied sooner. Sorry guys. Jay, you're back?!?!? How are you doing? What did you have done on your calf? No I havn't gotten it done yet. Still working on the drawing, trying to get it close to what I want. I know a guy in S Fla that is a heck of an artist and did tats in a shop a while back. I sent him scans of my drawings along with some pics I found on the net, telling him what I liked and disliked about each drawing to give him an idea of what I want. I'm hoping to get it back soon. One of the women I work with has a bunch of tats. All of them are really nicely done and look really good. I have known her for years and recently found out that her husband did her tattoos at his shop in New Orleans. I didn't know that's what he did for a living. I thought she meant he did them at home on the side. I'll probably talk to him about mine at least. I'll also check out the ones mentioned. Thanks for the suggestions. Thanks for the link Chris, he has some great art work in the gallery. I'll check in with him when I go to get it done.
  4. St Andrews Meeting

    Has anyone been snorkeling or diving there at the park since the oil hit the water? A friend went out there a month or so back and said that everything was dead. He is one to exaggerate some things though.... Anyone have any first hand knowledge about the conditions there?
  5. Sea Hare Looking For Work

    Yeaup, it is an ugly booger. How about calling it booger snot?
  6. Sea Hare Looking For Work

    Hey Bugby, I'd like to use him after you. Got some HA I'd like to get rid of too.
  7. Keys Divng

    Sounds like you had an awesome time. Thanks for sharing the pics. Love the nudis
  8. Hey Lance, how are you doing? Hope things are going well for you. Get your tank set back up?
  9. I was wondering if anyone here can recommend a good tattoo artist in the area. The guy that did my wifes has moved or I would probably go to him. There are plenty of shops to choose from, but I'm looking for personal experiences, good or bad. One to go to or ones to stay away from? Particular artist to look for? I'm thinking about getting a tree done, maybe on my calf / ankle area or on the inside of my arm, above my elbow. I know, I was told that is a painful area to get work done on. LMK if you have any suggestions. Thanks
  10. If anyone ever orders from fantastic frags

    Lol, Yeah, I have a few of them too. They have some rhodactis that I'd like to get http://www.fantasticfrags.com/Fantastic_Frags/Mushrooms_.html#9 blue with blue spots http://www.fantasticfrags.com/Fantastic_Frags/Mushrooms_.html#7 These aren't for sale, they are in their grow out area http://www.fantasticfrags.com/Fantastic_Frags/Eye_Candy.html#2 http://www.fantasticfrags.com/Fantastic_Frags/Eye_Candy.html#9 http://www.fantasticfrags.com/Fantastic_Frags/Eye_Candy.html#7
  11. Can I get an ID please?

    Ernie, Where do you suggest I put the agave? High/low light, high/low flow? Still haven't seen it open up yet.It does look like it is starting to shoot off a baby or two.
  12. Can I get an ID please?

    Candy cane, right? Yeah, that's what it is. It's really neat to watch a coral grow from a really small piece like that to something really big. I have a plate that I got that was as big as a pencil eraser and now it is probably about 3 inches across.
  13. Please let me know about your order. Not what you are getting, but that you are ordering. I'd like to get a couple of mushrooms from them, but the shipping is about $50. I can't see spending that on an order of about $10 or so. Thanks, Rob http://www.fantasticfrags.com/Fantastic_Frags/Home.html
  14. Might have to say good bye to FL!

    Well, hopefully you get to go (or stay) where you want. How much time will they give you before you have to leave? If you do, will you have enough time to break down your tank? Best of luck to you Rob
  15. Stick with Nikon or cannon, both very common. You can easily get equipment that will fit them. Check on the prices of additional lens that you might want to get in future (macro, like you said). I Have a buddy that has a 100 mm macro lens. He gets some really great pics with it, but he has to be about 4 feet away from the subject. 50mm or 60mm macro would probably be good for tank / occupant shots, I think. I don't know if the D5000 is the latest and greatest, but you don't have to get the latest and greatest. A model that is a year or two old can probably be bought for a good price. Get a warranty with it. I bought the extra one on mine. couple months later, my cat knocked it off the table and it was toast. The extra warranty I got covered it, store and manufacturer original warranty wouldn't have covered it. On the other hand, quite often, these extra warranties are just a way for the store to make some extra money, that is why they push them. If I remember correctly, you don't really need a really high mega pixel number to get good photos. I think that the higher the megapixel number will produce better enlargements though. I'm sure that there are others here that know much more about cameras than me. Hopefully they will chime in and correct me. Not exactly what you were asking for, but I hope it helps.