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  1. Trade?

    That was one of the only things I didn’t have another frag of. I have a lot so next time I frag, I’ll frag plenty. List updated. Thanks for the interest.
  2. Trade?

  3. Trade?

    Sorry man, I didn’t see this until way too late. I’ve been working late and wouldn’t have been home in time. Sorry I missed you, it has been a long time. I hope everything is well. I don’t have any thing else fragged atm, next time I get in there , I’ll try to frag more Zoas/Palys.
  4. Trade?

    Anyone have purple Bonsai?
  5. Trade?

    Think I’m good on torches now. Looking for colorful blasto. Wellsi’s or Merletti’s. Like to find a bright blood red and metallic green wellsi. Also like 1-2 more colorful sps. Lmk. Thanks all. Added a couple more sps frags as well.
  6. Trade?

    List updated. Torches....anyone........anyone......? Lol
  7. Mushroom

    How big is it? Could possibly be a Sunkist or reef koi. Do you have any others?
  8. Trade?

    Yes, still have frags of both.
  9. Trade?

    List updated. Any milli’s out there?
  10. Trade?

    Anyone have any lunar eclipse zoas or orange passion Acro?
  11. Trade?

  12. Trade?

    I’ve been asked by several people this lol. No, my torches pulled through , and no I’m not fragging any at this time lol. Im just thinking of doing something with a section of my tank that will require several different colors of torches to pull off right and if I’m able to trade for them, that would be great 😉.
  13. Trade?

    Pms replied and thanks to those that have stopped by. Still plenty left (had/have multiples on some stuff) 😊. Any cool torches out there?
  14. Trade?

    Shots under whites. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Trade?

    Here’s some shots of the frags and some of the mc’s under blues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk