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  1. Sps and lps with a couple palys fs

    Mc gold torch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have the following corals for sale in Fort Walton Beach. All frags have been healed for at least a couple weeks with some things being fragged months ago. My pic taking skills aren't very good but I tried to show what to expect of at least frag size. Here's what's available Sps- Orange pavona 3/4-1inch chunk $20 ORA Spongodes 1inch multiple branches $15, 1inch $10 Pink Tip Sermatosa 3/4inch multiple branches $20 Purple Bonsai 1inch multiple branches $20 Jason Fox Flame 1inch encrusted $40, 1 1/2inch multiple branches $60 Blue dreams acro 1inch $20 Setosa 3/4-1inch $20 Rainbow Monti 1/2inch chunk $20 Birds of paradise 3inch multiple branches $20 Forest fire Digi 2inch branching $20 Rommels Rainbow Millepora 1/2inch $40 Teal Acro 2inches multiple branches $20 World wide coral blueberry Acro 1+inch multiple branches $40 Bright green Acro 1+inch branching $20 Jedi mind trick Monti around 1inch $20 Pink lemonade Acro 3/4-1inch branching $20 Chilli Pepper/seasons greeting Monti 1inch chunk $15 Sunset Monti 1/2inch chunk $20 Starburst Monti 1+inch chunk $20 Mystic sunset Monti 3/4inch $20 Orange Passion Acro 1/2inch $60 Walt Disney Acro 1/2inch $60 Tyree blue matrix 3/4inch $30 World wide coral yellow tip Acro 1/2inch $30 Mr Pac-Man 1+inch multiple branches $30 Rocky Mountain frags RMF Acid Trip Millepora 1+inch encrusted $40 ORA Stuber stag 2+inch $20 Vivid Rainbow Delight around 2 inches multiple branches $50 Red Planet 1 1/2inch multiple branches encrusted $30 Apple Berry Monti 2inch branching out $20 Green Stylophora 2inch multiple branches $20 Purple Stylophora 2inch multiple branches $20 I can also do fresh unmounted frags of- Neon green birds nest 1inch $10 Birds of paradise 1inch $10 Purple OR Green Stylophora 1inch $10 Lps- Mia’s pot of gold favia 3-4eyes $20 Blue eyed Lithophyllon 3/4-1inch multiple eyes $20 Blueberry blasto Merletti 3heads $20 Rainbow Galaxea 1inch chunk $10 Blue eyes Leptastrea 1/2inch $10 Gold Torch 1 head $30 Green Tipped Hammer 1head $10 Orange crush Enchinata 3/4-1inch multiple eyes $20 Green Duncan 4-5 heads $15, 7-8 heads $20 Green with pink tips frogspawn 1head $20 Tyree Triton favia 3/4inch multiple eyes $20 Only palys I have available atm is Green Grandis 2polyps for $20 CB fireflies Dz+ $15 Bam Bam Orange 5-6polyps $20 I can take more pics on request and will work on getting some top down shots hopefully within the next week. Please pm or text me with any questions. Can meet around the Fort Walton Beach area. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Sps, zoas/Palys, lps fs (SOLD)

    Yes, still have frags of each.
  4. Mydraal

    Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by 😊.
  5. Looking for a small frag of each. Lost them a while back and would like them again. Have plenty to trade or cash lmk. Thanks
  6. Sps, zoas/Palys, lps fs (SOLD)

    Updated the pics of what's still available so it's not so confusing. Thanks all 😊
  7. Sps, zoas/Palys, lps fs (SOLD)

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Sps, zoas/Palys, lps fs (SOLD)

    List update.
  9. I'll take that Rhomboid off your hands for you πŸ˜‚
  10. Sps, zoas/Palys, lps fs (SOLD)

    List updated including ones I forgot. Still have plenty left. $5 off per frag after the first just lmk you saw this. Thanks to all that have stopped by 😊.
  11. Sps, zoas/Palys, lps fs (SOLD)

    Attempted to take some better pics and have a video but don't know how to post it up. I really don't seem to be able to do these sps justice [emoji17]. Anyone interested in video just lmk where/who to send it to. Thanks all [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Sps, zoas/Palys, lps fs (SOLD)

    These are really crappy pics because I just moved everything and water isn't clear yet but I'll retake once everything is settled and opens back up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Sps, zoas/Palys, lps fs (SOLD)

    I should be available later in the day. Plan on doing some fishing in the morning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Sps, zoas/Palys, lps fs (SOLD)

    Sold Located In fort Walton beach Please pm for any questions. Thanks
  15. Couple frags fs

    These were fragged a month or so ago so are fully healed and starting to encrust except the scrambled eggs which were broken under rock they were on. Zoas- scrambled eggs 2-3polyp $10, 5polyp $15, 8polyp $20 Everlasting Gobstoppers 5polyp $20 Nightcrawlers 3polyp $10 Tutti Fruity 8polyp $10 Purple Hearted Emerald dz polyps $20 Tubb Blues dz+polyps $20 Sps- Neon green birds nest around 2inch branching $10 Birds of paradise 1inch branching $10 Mr PAC-MAN acro around 1inch branching $40 Blue dreams acro 1inch $20 Red Planet 1inch $20 JF Flame 1inch (just barely starting to flame lol) $40 Wwc Blueberry Acro 3/4inch $40 Have some stuff on the back burner that I just fragged and will update when I feel they're ready. I am located in FORT WALTON BEACH but may be willing to meet in the niceville/Destin/shalimar areas. I'll try and have pics to post asap but will be available to view most days after 5. Thanks all 😊