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  1. Hey gang, Greetings from Bahrain. Question for you smart folks, on behalf of the family back in PCB taking care of the monster tank. I (they) have had a significant algae infestation for couple of months now. However, starting yesterday, the algae (green hair) is coming off the backwall and rocks in clumps. My son reports that all he has to do is rub his hand over it, and it is peeling right off the walls. Hard to be more specific without seeing it for myself, but the fact that it is all just falling off in clumps is a new phenomenon to me. Is this characteristic of a die-off? Could we finally have turned the corner on a spike in nitrate and now the algae just can't hack it anymore? The only water parameter that changed recently was a bit of a salt drop. Long story short, a power outage and blocked syphon break caused about 15 gallons of water to be dumped outside, twice in about a 3 day period. They added fresh water back up as fast as they could, but took a bit of time with the salt. SG apparently dropped to 1.020 for a couple of days. It is back up to 1.026 now. Don't know if that'd have any effect but it is the only significant thing that has changed recently. Appreciate any ideas on this algae behavior. Would like to think that I am seeing the end of this junk in the DT.
  2. Times Up

    Hey gang Its finally time to put all the automation features of the new tank to the test. I'll be heading out for my deployment on wednesday and the family will be in charge of running the 340. I appreciate all the help everyone on this forum has provided over the past months as I created this monster. Maybe when I get back next year I'll actually be able to make a meeting and meet you all in real life. Thanks again r/
  3. Be careful what you wish for

    Ok, so the nitrates have climbed and hair algae has grown in the display tank. I'm thinking the Algae Scrubber is undersized for this application. So I have redone the scrubber. I have taken the original two screens off the main drain line, added two more screens and hooked them all up to a pump. Lights are 23W CF bulbs (100W equivalents) in the 2700K range. I fabricated reflectors/housings using some of the highly reflective aluminum that comes with the solar tubes (can be bought from Lowes as a Solar Tube extension). Now each screen gets its own light, right up next to it. I'm hoping this improves the performance of the algae, as well as looking better than a bunch of clip on shop lights. Attached are pics of the before and after (almost, still need to rig three more lights). But this should give me about 450 square inches of Algae Scrubber, which should be enough to make the tank happy. This is the old setup These are a couple of the new lights And here is how they are setup
  4. sarcophyton hat

    Ok, this one is new to me. Noticed the other day that something took a "bite" out of one of my sarcophyton mushroom coral. Kept an eye on it to see if it was a particular parasite or snail. Tonight, I have found the culprit. A crab is wearing the cut off piece as a hat. hard to tell under my red light what crab, but it looks like a typical crab-looking crab. Will try and get a photo but no promises. I have never seen this particular behavior before, so I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this or know if this is a particular type of crab who does this. For now, I'm just going to call it a fragging crab. Thanks
  5. A new Chris, a new 330 gallon build!!!!

    No such thing!!!
  6. made me a slurp gun

    Nice build! Good luck with slurping. I never had any luck with the gun I bought years ago. Fish just laughed at me....
  7. Be careful what you wish for

    Still waiting on that PAR meter, but wanted to update another automation toy thats been added. Drilled a hole in one of the solar tubes and mounted a photocell, like the type in outdoor lamps to turn on at dusk. Only this one is rigged to a relay switch, so now when the sun comes up, it kicks on the VHOs and vice versa. So now no worries about timers or the supplementals being on out of synch with the main sunlight. Of course, it is just another gizmo to go break at a lousy moment, but for now am happy with another hands-free automation upgrade.
  8. Be careful what you wish for

    Still pretty happy. Nitrates are at 5 and holding. I would estimate that given the complete lack of any mechanical filtration that I would have considerably higher values if it wasn't working in some capacity. Between this high nutrition water and the solar tubes, my critters seem pretty happy, especially the filter feeders. I think my feather duster has doubled in size! But I would say this it is still too early to call it a complete victory yet.
  9. Be careful what you wish for

    I'm still pretty happy with the setup. Corals seem to be pretty happy under the real light too! My only drama is the VHO actinics are giving me problems. Thinking about going in another direction with these things.....
  10. VHO problems

    Have checked wiring and can't find anything loose. Problem just appeared without any tinkering following the power outage. Did a continuity check on wires and everything seems to work. May have to try the $65 thing..
  11. VHO problems

    Ok, I'm at my wits end with this damned VHO setup. They have been working fine for about 6 weeks now, but today following a brief power outage, my VHOs are now not working. It is an icecap 660 ballast with 4 36" bulbs. Right now, when I try to turn them on, only two of the bulbs (one pair) turn on briefly then go out. I have swapped out bulbs from the pair that flashes and the pair that doesn't do anything to verify it isn't bad bulbs. No change, one pair flashes one doesn't. The fuse is fine. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. Help!

    Vinegar helps by dissolving the spines, also duct tape to try and physically remove them. No kidding. But honestly they are so fine you will likely just have to suffer for a day until they work back out. having done the same thing, I did the above and either removed or dissolved some, but not all.
  13. I DO I DO! I've got that 340 to fill up
  14. pump preference

    Hey gang. I'm currently running a Mag 9.5 for my return pump and a Mag 18 for my CL. I've read things recently where folks are complaining about the power consumption from the mag pumps, but don't see alot of alternatives listed. Doing a brief search of specifications at Marinedepot it appears that the mag 9.5 should be eating 90W and the 18 eating 140W. Figure I may go try and track down a "Kill a Watt" and see if this is the case, but I'd like to ask you all what kind of pumps you like that are lower wattage.
  15. Sea horses at Niceville pets?

    What do you feed your ponies? My understanding that dwarfs, especially wild caught, only take live brine, which is a pain to keep around since only newly hatched have any nutritional value.