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  1. Vortechs

    They are awesome. I got 2 mp40w's on my 75g and love em.....
  2. I've had that algae befoe. I sucks and nothing eats it is the worst thing! Good luck.....
  3. Full Tank Shot (FTS) Thread

    Front: Right side: Left side:
  4. I bought a frag of the ice/fire from this guy. I can add two more frags to my order for no extra shipping cost. The shipping is $28. If someone wanted to add a coral from his selection it would only be the price of the frag plus whatever shipping is between us. If two people $14 if three people $9 something. If anyone is interested LMK His frags.org page http://www.frags.org/memberfragslist.php?id=12086 His tank http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2009-01/totm/index.php I have already ordered my frag and he is waiting for my okay to ship. I can keep yours in my tank til it you are able to pick it up. LMK.........Lance I will ask if we get enough ordered if we can get free shipping.
  5. Advice on my tank build

    Too much!!!! LOL Tax, tag and title prolly.....mmmm...$700 including ballast, bulbs, reflectors and fans.
  6. Advice on my tank build

    I will begin by saying I run a lot of equipment on my system. I do this for the simple ease of husbandry. However it isn't done cheaply...but can be had for a bargain. My theory is nothing is cheap, some things are just less expensive than others!! I'll list my equipment, what it is for, and an idea of cost: The first thing I will say is the ACIII I have on my system is one of the best things ever. It keeps a monitor of everything in the tank, controls all of my dosing(except mag) and controls all of the equipment. I couldn't run my current system without it. A decent controller, Neptune sys..AC models are most common and best priced for what you get, would be my first addition. Look to spend $200-$400 for a used, well equipped unit. Can run more if you buy it new. I run an Aqualogic in-line chiller. They are nice as a form of protection. But not cheap. A nice chiller will run from $200 and up for a used unit. They can be very pricey new. I run a MRC CR2 calcium reactor. These are not a necessity but do make things a lot easier to maintain cal/alk levels. The initial start up cost are high but it is worth the money for the ease. A used set up will run you about $400 give or take. A new set up will be staggering! I think the 5lb Co2 bottle is about $100/filled new! I run a GEO kalk reactor. This is an awesome piece of equipment. If you run kalk they are so simple to use and less maintenance than a DIY. But not a necessity by any means. We are talking about things you don't have to have but are nice to have. This definitely fits that bill. This will run you around $200 and up used. I run a LiterMeterIII dosing pump. This is for mag right now. I'm considering going to a 2 part dosing system just to change it up a little! Not sure yet if I'm gonna do that or not. You know what these things run so I don't gotta put it in here! You don't have to buy a LM they are just the best dosing pump on the market...IMO. I run 2-Vortech MP40W's. These are, IMO, the best powerheads available right now. They keep the pump on the outside of the tank which keeps the tank temp lower. Plus they move a crapload of water! They run around $300 each used...$400 new. I run the famous BubbleKing skimmer. Don't skimp on your skimmer! The biggest mistake people make is getting a crappy skimmer. BK's are very good quality and have an energy efficient pump too boot. A small BK will run you $500 and up used. I paid $830 for mine new! The deal Chris is offering on that skimmer is REALLY a good one. And they are excellent skimmers. You don't have to get a BK to have a good skimmer, but they are one of the best out there....IMO.
  7. return flow questions

    VORTECHS!!!!!!!!!! You'll thank me for it later....trust me, they ARE worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hurricane ready?

    I got me a generator and just bought a battery back up for my vortech. I'M READY FREDDY!
  9. Using Kalk

    I love my kalk reactor!
  10. Well I must say now that I have gone all t-5s my color is soooo much better. David you gotta swing by and check out my tank! I think it may make you want to make the switch as well....
  11. The start of my custom 75g.......

    Thanks...and yes it is in the same spot.
  12. The start of my custom 75g.......

    Here are a few shots of my new tank all set up.....
  13. How could a timer keep you from flooding your house!?!? Mine is my Vortechs/Aquacontroller/T-5's/BK mini160/LitermeterIII/kalk reactor/calcium reactor/chiller. Everytime I bought a new piece of equipment I said it was the best thing I ever got for my tank. So it only fits for me to list all the best things I ever added to my system! I would not want to be without any of it.....period!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Aquacontroller

    Geo kalkreactor is what I use. They are very simple and decently priced.