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  1. Rose Bubble Tip Anenomes

    My main tank sprung a leak and i moved everything to a refugium a couple months ago. Currently have 3 RBTA's that open up to about 4-5 inches across when they expand, but they're pissed and don't at the moment. They've also lost a little color, but they seem to be healthy and not moving from their spots. I paid $25 for a quarter sized one, and they go online for $90-100, so i think $50 each is fair. If you buy two i'll throw in the percula. Otherwise i'll let him go for $10. Two are on one piece of live rock, about 3 pounds. The other is attached to a one pound piece. I live in Spanish Fort.
  2. Kalkwasser Questions

    It's also sold at Walmart in their canning section.
  3. Kalkwasser Questions

    I just put it in with my top off water. It can only saturate so much so you can't put too much in to your top off water as it will just settle down to the bottom. I have read however that it will eat up a pump over time or cause build up that will ruin the pump. Not sure if it's true or not since i have always just done it manually.
  4. Anemone Splitting?

    Some do and some don't.
  5. Anemone Splitting?

    Well ,it's interesting regardless
  6. Anemone Splitting?

    It does look more like a shroom than an anemone. Has it been without light for a while? That could explain it's color. The other things.. palythoa's?
  7. Anemone Splitting?

    Still hard to tell what it is. Nice yellow color though. Only 10 reproduce asexually, look these up to see if it is indeed an anemone; S. gigantea/ gigantic carpet anemone S. haddoni / carpet anemone S. mertensii / Merten's anemone M. doreensis / Long tentacle anemone, or LTA H. crispa / Sebae anemone H. aurora / Beaded anemone H. malu / Sebae anemone C. adaesivum / Pizza anemone E. Quadricolor / BTA's H. Magnifica
  8. Cleanup Crew

    Well, that is an interesting theory and one i didn't think about. I thought i had read somewhere that collecting wasn't allowed, but i saw a lot of people fishing on the jetties, so now that doesn't make much sense. There are also a lot of different macro algae there that would be great in a refugium. Ulva was plentiful on the gulf side jetty where the hermits were.
  9. Cleanup Crew

    You aren't supposed to collect them, but they were all over the beach side jetty (facing the Gulf) at St. Andrews. Ceriths were all over the rocks on the inlet side of the jetty. If you swim out from the beach, they were to the left down towards the base of the rock by the sand and in crevices. I should say that since i saw them there, i am assuming they are also present in the Pensacola area since they aren't that far apart and have similar water conditions. I have not seen them in Gulf Shores or Dauphin Island however. I've seen a lot of blennies at both passes in Gulf Shores, but the ones i caught didn't take to the food i had so i let them go. There were also a lot of anemones, but they don't have much color and i'm not sure they are photosynthetic.
  10. Cleanup Crew

    I am assuming they are around pensacola as well. I saw tons of them at Panama City Beach.
  11. Cleanup Crew

    If you can find somewhere to snorkel along a jetty between P'cola and Panama City, you can catch all the ceriths and blue legs you want. But, i second Reefcleaners if you want to purchase.
  12. I've never seen one like that. Do you think they took the trim off to make it rimless, but cut the old trim to fit the corners for a top? Do the corner pieces look cut or manufactured? I know rimless tanks are popular, but i would sure read up on them to see if i could re-silicone with the same silicone they use if i were going to attempt to go rimless on a tank that wasn't made to be that way. It looks like it has some age on it, so i would certainly consider a reseal, especially if it was left dry for a long time.
  13. Frags

    Kind of depends on the type i guess. Things on stalks i just poke in a hole (candy canes, hammer). I've used broken pieces of live rock as well as the thick part of oyster shells. I don't really like the manufactured disks and plugs as they just don't look natural. You can also get some regular cement, mix it with some old coral sand/gravel you have and make little spoon full frag mounts. Just stick them in some kind of netting and throw them in your most used toilet tank for a few weeks to take care of pH issues.
  14. Worlds Smallest Reef Tank

    Heads would explode! That is pretty cool. Some pods and a polyp or two would finish it off.
  15. Snorkeling Panama City

    Here's what i saw. Macros, ulva, codium, turtle grass, sargassum,dictoya, padina,spifcifera,gracilaria. Animals, nudibranchs,multitude of fish, blue hermits, giant red hermits, ceriths, olive snails,rock anemones,, bunch of what I think are predatory snails, sponges, corals, and what I think are some sort of gorgonian. It's a long dark stalked stem with feathery extensions off each branch. You are not allowed to collect animals or plants from the park. On the west beach side there are a lot of bits of ulva and spifcifera washing in with the waves. A piece of ulva might have gotten stuck to a fin :)/>