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  1. Crazy Clownfish!

    clowns will host anything i think [attachment=0]Copy of DSC01594.JPG[/attachment]
  2. new 65

    on specs you mean dim 36 Lx18Wx24T it has a 30 gal sump and fuge im useing a Octopus 150 Protein Skimmer and rio return pump . lighting is 4 T5's 156 watts i think ,i have two seio 820's for flow , about 60lbs of rock i think thats about it oh its been up and running for about 6 or 7 months
  3. new 65

    ok this is my 65 all i have in it right now is a foxface tang blue damsel a hemit crab and a few mushrooms and a huge devils hand so i will add a few more fish later ty for looking ... C00951.jpg ... C01480.jpg
  4. How about some tank shots?

    our little tank
  5. new tank

    i think its a nova ex 4 x 39 watts im going to add 2 more t5s should put me at around 234 watts
  6. new tank

    thanx for all the advice i think im going to go with 2 seio 1100's and i agree we r going to take it slow realllllllllllll slow we have a 30 up and running so no big rush we r going to try and do it right the first time i have a 30 inch 36 watt t5 light i could add Doc might put it in the hood
  7. new tank

    no pics as of now but we got us a 65 gal tank.thanx to swingerrrr here is what we have so far any sugestions welcome Tank-- stand ---canopy lighting ---4 39watt T5's skimmer--reef octopus 150 return pump --RIO 10 ok let me hear it good or bad maybe i can fix any problems before we go too far lol hope we are off to a good start tho . i think im going to get a 2 korillia 3 anyone have one, or know if i need to go bigger ?
  8. RO/Di units ???

    well thanx for all the info keep it going i need all i can get i need to go and read that RC thread again
  9. RO/Di units ???

    Are they the same or is one better than the other? I only have a 29 gal right now but have a 75 in the works.Just dont want to get one and have to get another. It seems I could have set up 2 tanks on wasted money I spent on the 29. but i didnt know anybetter and still dont but hope someone here does Thanx for any help!
  10. August 3rd Club meeting

    hate that i missed the meeting but glad to here it went well i hope to be at the next one
  11. hello to all

    just wanted to say hello and looking forward to meeting everyone