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  1. February 2016 Meeting Announcement

    Right, I'm in Huntsville now, and it's not a good place for a reefkeeper. The saltwater scene up here is terrible. Very poor selection, even worse quality, and high prices. It's just sad. The club up here is gone. Now everybody just uses Facebook. I'd love to start a new real club, but I don't think it would be successful. Incidentally, has anyone given any thought to finding that Shiner?
  2. February 2016 Meeting Announcement

    I just wanted to pop in and give you guys some well deserved congratulations for getting the FPRS back up and running again. Naturally I had to move away before things got good again, right? Anyway, great job! Keep up the good work!
  3. I Have A Quest For You!

    Yes, quite right. The cops only seemed to care about the darter. However, I don't think that they even had a clue of what a Darter even looks like. Incidentally, they recently got downgraded from Endangered to only Threatened. Yay! Anyway, I'll pay a hundred bucks for a dozen or more of them, preferably more. ( the shiners, not the darters ) I've bred most of the other Pteronotropis species, and I know I can breed these. 334-892-4102
  4. I Have A Quest For You!

    Well, that's the catch. I don't know exactly which creeks in that area hold this fish, but I know they're in that vicinity. I know that some were caught once around Shalimar, NOT on DOD property. The other thing is that the local cops tend to harass anyone they catch in that area, trying to protect the Okaloosa Darter. This fish is not protected since it just got discovered, but getting to it is hard.
  5. I Have A Quest For You!

    Hey guys! Sorry about not having been around much. I had to move up north to Huntsville. I really wish I was still down there. The saltwater scene up here is pathetic. Truly bad. However, I'm writing for a different reason today. It's a very long story, but for almost 15 years I have seached and searched for what many had decided was probably a myth. People mocked me for my constant whining about it's probable existence. Way back in the days before forums, I read an old post on an email list group describing a seriously cool fish which lived in only a few little creeks around the Niceville/Shalimar area, mostly on the airbase. I looked for them, but kept getting chased off by MP's and game wardens. Since 9-11 it has been impossible to even look for them.. at least for a civilian like me. Well, recently, a group of scientists was finally allowed to explore the area, and they FOUND it. I want some. I NEED some. 15 years is a long time. I know that a lot of you guys work on the Eglin AFB and can get away with poking around the creeks with a net. I know you're reefers, but you'e still fishy folk as well, right? Can some of you look around and try to find me some of these? I will happily pay you very well for several specimens which I can use to start a breeding colony. If you don't want to ship them here, I'll even come get them. Don't confuse them with the ordinary Sailfin and Flagfin Shiners common in that area. You want the ones with the solid red fins. Thanks! Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to capture me some of these, the Shalimar Shiner:
  6. 265G Reef Build.

    Wow! That's what it's all about!
  7. I FINALLY managed to be able to hit the beach today. I went to the Destin Pass bridge. The water was very clear, and quite warm. October 2nd, and the water was warm. Very nice! There wasn't much to see, though. Snails and crabs all over the place, and menhaden, and a few pinfish, a couple of sheepsheads, a very few blennies, and that's pretty much it. I decided to walk over to the jetty, hoping it would be better. I never really realized just how far a walk that was. It's about 3/4 mile, maybe more, which is a long way to walk through sand. Each way. Protip--take a boat. It was low tide, and again, there wasn't anything to see. GRRR! There are some briny pools in the fenced-off section which are full of pupfish. A long handled net can reach them. All the old pools that used to be so easy to reach are gone, having been plowed away when they expanded the parking lot.
  8. Snorkeling Areas To Collect?

    I can't figure out how to GET to the eastside jetty. It drives me crazy. I'm tempted to park on the Coastguard side and swim across the pass. LOL!
  9. Gulfarium As Meeting Place

    I don't think we're going to be able to use the Gulfarium anymore, unless we want to pay for it.
  10. Gulfarium As Meeting Place

    I've been in contact with the Gulfarium in the hope of being able to use it as a meeting place again. Things there have changed considerably under the new ownership. The Laboratory/classroom no longer exists, and they don't let people meet in the Living Sea anymore during business hours. That doesn't leave much left. However, it turns out that meetings can be had AFTER normal business hours. Would having a meeting in the evening be workable for you guys? We've never tried it before. Now, that said, we should start thinking about our summer meeting, which we usually have outside at a beach.
  11. Crazy Fragging Story

    The toxin alone could have blinded you, let alone the damage from little calcium chips. Nice lesson! Good luck finding your frag. It couldn't have gone far, and if you find it in time, it might even survive.
  12. Candy Cane Receding?

    Any sudden change in lighting can cause it.
  13. Wanting Dive Partner For Collecting Fish

    That's a great avatar pic! I love it!
  14. How Are You Guys Doing Down There

    Hey! I'd imagine that a lot of you can't even read this message at the moment. 26 inches of rain. Wow. Well, how are you holding up? How much damage was done?
  15. Pests On Live Rock

    They are similar to Florida Live Rock ( ) and they both have some great stuff. I haven't dealt with GulfLR, but I have bought from FloridaLR a few times and have been VERY happy with the rock and the service.