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  1. Tattoo artist / shop in the area? Ft Walton to Pcola?

    Well I wouldnt say I'm back. I'm working my way back. I'm gathering up some funds to get me a Nanocube. I got a wooden cross with a crown of bleeding thorns on top. Super detailed. Wood and rope look real. Randy that worked on me, doesnt work there anymore. Maverick does an awesome job though. He just did my wife's foot. She got a butterfly that looks like it is landing on her flip flop strap. So, what's your idea on your tat? Where are you going to place it?
  2. My New Tank

    Man I hate to hear about your female B&W. I remember when you got them. I can't believe it was in 2008. I'll be back into saltwater here shortly. I'm gonna get a set up like yours.....either a 24 or a 28. Good luck.
  3. Tattoo artist / shop in the area? Ft Walton to Pcola?

    So did you go get the tat done? I just got a tat done on my calf in May. It hurt pretty bad near the pit. Randy at Mavericks did an awesome job. It's in SanDestin.
  4. Forum Changes

    Looks good Scoots. I have been on the site in a long time. Things sure have changed....Prez! Still no logo? lol. Well I guess somethings havent changed. Jay
  5. Just got a blue spotted jaw fish

    Sweet Blue Spot Rob. I love them. I had one for about a day. She jumped. I'm itching to get back in, but can't till I move. Good luck. Cover the top!!!
  6. Our newest 180 tank photos

    They have settled in beautifully, even keep the others in line. Only seem to pick on the butterfly. We are enjoying them and each ones personality That's good to hear. Good luck with your tank!
  7. Our newest 180 tank photos

    Hey Karen!!! The Tangs look like they are doing great!!!
  8. Freshwater Tank

    Thanks for the info fellas. I'm going to read the article and decide which direction to go on the cycling process. Thanks again!
  9. My girls are alittle mad at me for selling all the saltwater tanks. So, I'm setting up a 28 gallon Bowfront Freshwater tank for them. This is my first attempt at Freshwater, so I need some help. Do you cycle a Freshwater tank? How long and how do I do it? How many fish and how big can I go in the 28? Any other info will be appreciated. Thanks Jay
  10. How did you come up with your SN

    It's my last name plus my favorite number. Pretty simple
  11. My New Tank

    Hey Dave, The tank looks GREAT!!! It's been a while. Keep up the good work!
  12. Interview the person ABOVE you

    What does Rob's doctor uses for his check ups? Club Logo
  13. 1.5 gal Nano Tank

    Okay a Hippo will work. He's got that big ole tank to himself....he must be happy!!