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  1. How did you come up with your SN

    My initials SCJ.
  2. Yeldarbj

    A+.... Reasonable prices for quality specimens and goods.
  3. Pensacola area contractor recommendations

    Joe Mahuron 944-9914. Tell him Shane sent you.
  4. Alan.. You have made a very good point that I am sure has crossed a number of minds. I prefer to deal with people with Integrity. Although the issue we are discussing would appear to be a little different then store selling practices, we have an opportunity to see each persons position and values now for further transactions. I am a business owner and I treat people as I would want to be treated.
  5. This is the pm's I recall. If it is really first come first serve then let's do first come firts serve. I know we did not have an agremeent but I requested to buy before the buyer said he would take it. At this point, I am glad I did not buy the rock. Re: Live Rock Sent at: Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:34 pm by jaredwaites Yes, it needs some attention though, I have been dealing with a clogged venturi on the skimmer and only able to do one water change and the purple has can easily come back though. Its full of feather dusters and worms and pods. I'd sell it all for 75-100 bucks. Gimme a call if you want - 685-1500 Live Rock Sent at: Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:40 pm by sc_jay Any interest in selling the live rock? Lookin to pick up about 75 lbs this week.
  6. drauka, I believe a number of people were looking for a listening ear to address the issues at hand and Swingrr's legitimate thread certainly brought attention to this matter. Your assistance has not went unnoticed.
  7. Jim.. When I pm'd you suggesting you look in to the buying and selling issue that you removed the posts about, I thought it was addressed with a board memer at that time. I saw no reason to write a written proposal. As far as Jared's chain of events, they do not coincide with our pm's or phone conversations. He has flat out deceived a number of people. Until he understands this issue is about his selling ethics and lies, there will be a number of people that have an axe to grind and will consider him non credible.
  8. Perhaps rather than having rules, there should be guidelines. Because rules are made to be broken. Ultimately, whattup has a point as someone may send a pm to someone rather than post that a pm has been sent. It is then up to the seller to comply with the guidelines. If there is a buyer/seller feedback forum, then each would be at their own to see if they are dealing with an honest seller.
  9. It appears everyone received a different story than the details posted about that transaction. My point is not about what happened but maybe to come up with some standards so that the club is in unison when selling on the forum.
  10. If someone posts something for sale, and that person also enters into discussions about something, is it right to delete that post? I can see if the person who posted the item for sale is being hijacked and not in the conversation. Furthermore, nothing I posted was personal. It was my suggestion that the President of this club address the unethical selling practices that have transpired. For the president to delete these posts and act like nothing happened does not appear to be acceptable as a leader of a club, maybe it should have been moved in the first place for open discussion.
  11. I suggested to MR. Hank to address these selling ethics and basically I felt it fell on deaf ears. Why not include something in the "Selling on FPRS" post? So, my hat is off to you as I have been a victim many times when trying to buy things posted on this site.

    I confirmed with Reeflo that it is not a problem, just leave some room for the rear fan to vent.
  13. I have a reeflo snapper I am trying to fit for a closed loop and my space is limited. Does anyone know if the pump can be mount in an upright position (vertical) rather than being mount flat ( horizontal)?
  14. baffle material- need opinions

    Call Jim at R&C Glass. He is located on 399 and I am sure you will find that his prices are very reasonable. In fact, it might be cheaper just to have him cut your baffles out of scrap glass, if he has any. His number is 939-2554. Tell him Shane sent you..