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  1. CAUTION: I would stay away from PETLAND in Pensacola they have quit acclimating their fish and corals since taken over from the main company and only care that the fish and coral only live long enough for the customer to get it home.
  2. Holiday Avatars

    heres mine

    I have noticed some good growth off of my Seachem Reef salt.
  4. Dr. fosters group buy

    I actually use the SeaChem Reef Salt and have seen good results. If you were looking to change salts then I would give it a try.

    NO I was just posting useful information, it would be nice if we could put this as a sticky at the top of the forum, so that it is easier to access and referance. The Gulfarium uses and sells the CrystalSea Marine Mix.
  6. Here is a list of salts and their property specs. Posted in ReefCentral Here is a list of what I measured for the big three in a number of the salt mixes we use today. This is intended as a guideline and I, in no way, guarantee these figures. All I can say is they were all tested under the same conditions, with a number of different brand test kits, using the same methods for each test. I believe these numbers are reasonably what you can expect from these salts mixed at 35 ppt or 1.0264 A special thanks to Bertoni for putting it in nice form.
  7. New sponsor

    They definatly have the best RO/DI units I've seen. I personally use the Typhoon III from Airwaterice and it does an awesome job.

    Definantly the speakers. everyone can benifit from a speaker. Not everyone would go home eith free corals.
  9. Where are you located?

    Pensacola, FL