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  1. When is the next meeting after this one? I need to get my reef on.
  2. Bummer, I wanted to go. I'll be in New Orleans for a Gifted Conference. I'm in the middle of setting my 125g back up. We had to tear it down to install new flooring. Once I have it up and running, I'll be thrilled. I miss being in the hobby, but knew anything I bought this past year would probably die in the transfer. Of course, there were problems with the install and I have lost all my corals. You all have fun on the 5th.
  3. Coral Gardening

    Very cool. It reminds me of last year's MACNA and the presentation from Papua New Guine
  4. Another Phase Of Our Love Affair With The Sea

    Sweet boat. I'd love to have one eventually. Those pictures are amazing!
  5. $1 Scarlet Hermits

    Scarlets are the only hermit I'll allow in my tank. That is an awesome price! I'll vouch for the company too.
  6. New Pet

    I've caught a mousie bug. Here is a male I found at St. Francis Pets. Carry nearly all recessive genes.
  7. They use to be in the announcement section at the top of each forum, but I don't see them now. I hear there is a meeting in Navarre this weekend and would like to know the details.
  8. What is the date and time? I suggest putting this on its own thread before making a decision.
  9. I too missed the date and time until it was too late. A thread in addition to the announcement would be great. I tend to view new content and don't go down the lists.
  10. Seahorse

    If you want an ereactus, a 20g high is suggested as the starting point. For a 10g, sectioning part of the tank off as a sump and using the other part for a herd of dwarfs seahorses should work well.
  11. 150 Cube Build

    That would be one heck of a sump!
  12. 150 Cube Build

    How do the door slide on? Any chance you can put them on upside down? Its a nice looking tank. I can't wait to see what you do with it.
  13. Can You Believe This

    Yardboy, are you referring to diving locally or in the Keys this year?
  14. 2.5G Aio Office Pico Build

    Looks great. I like the design. Little tanks can be fun.
  15. Catching Tropicals

    If they come into the area, I say we have a club fish fry.