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  1. Fyi For Admins

    has nothing to do with the IP or where it's hosted. It's a URL blacklist with Google and another blacklist vendor. I've submitted to have ti re-examined several times now, time will tell.
  2. Well, Ive been staring at these 2 Red Sea Berlin skimmers on my used equipment rack for 2 weeks. I started searching for mods so I could put these skimmers to work instead of letting them rot on the shelf. Im going to try to just copy the thread I found on RC to here, lets see if it works. My Red Sea Berlin is drying now, I made the bubble plate, got the pvc assembled crossing my fingers it works better, if not oh well they were worth about $20 not modded. http://i186.photobuc...26/_MG_5013.jpg http://i186.photobuc...26/_MG_5014.jpg http://i186.photobuc...26/_MG_5015.jpg http://i186.photobuc...26/_MG_5016.jpg http://i186.photobuc...26/_MG_5017.jpg Click here to view the article
  3. Logo

    I think the new logo looks spiffy! I like it! BUT .... When designing a logo you always have to think about how easy and cost effective will it be to reproduce. Shirts either screen printed or embroidered ... a color fade will be expensive if at all doable. If you're having a banner printed, you cannot do simple vynil cut and adhered on banner, you'll have to have it printed (more expensive .. but much nicer looking) If you're going to have a flyer/mailing printed, or even business cards you're looking at full color print. (more expensive) ... Nice job on the Logo! 2 years later looks like ya'll finally have one ... looks good!
  4. Membership Dues

    Miles, Please also keep in mind that this effectively limits the benefits the club will be able to offer to the members. Just to print, laminate, and mail badges costs money, so does the annual corporate filing with the State of Florida, as does an accountant to do the NFP tax filing that's still due every year. Food for thought. I'm not an office either, just my $0.02 to this ... I've been the president for the SWFMAS club (SouthWest Florida Marine Aquariums Society) Take care, marco
  5. As of a few days ago, and members that signs up for a membership will be INSTANTLY ACTIVATED! If you pay via paypal through the Membership Subscription system, your account will be marked as a FPRS member, you will gain instant access to post imaged in the gallery, gain access to the members map etc.
  6. Rebuild Lfs Directory

    I unpinned this topic since we've got the basics up ...
  7. Youtube Video Posts

    Mommys little helper! See; what you don't know is that he's actually the one doing all the work. I just sit here and watch him. I mean .. look at him carrying the laundry basket, mommy is sitting on the floor.
  8. Youtube Video Posts

    [media][/media] By the way, thats was my son this morning. 14 months.
  9. Catching A Damsel

    Great! Removing that rock would've been painful!
  10. Testing Paypal Bbcode

    src> It is your responsibility to verify that this item is still available.
  11. Catching A Damsel

    I used to feed 2x /day ... between 1-2 sheets of nori (large from the asian market .. 10x10 or so) as well as a large bit of frozen food. I always used Roggers food ... one of the best prepared foods.
  12. Catching A Damsel

    I had a pair of Crosshatch triggers, and a sargasm that would eat out of my hand ... until one day when they took a little chunk out of my finger ...
  13. Catching A Damsel

    It worked though ... this was one particularly feisty butterfly in my SPS reef ... hungry SOB. Of course laying a net across 7ft of SPS covered rock was a major PITA. I covered the rock with the cast-net, leaving one corner open ... once the fish came out of the rockwork and was in front of the net .... he was done!