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  1. Ohhh I wish I could have made it. My girls would have loved seeing the sea turtles. I will have to plan a trip over there before the temps start dropping and the water is too cold for my girls to enjoy. Scoots
  2. My Clowns Are Going To Be Parents

    1st: Congratulations and I wish you well. 2nd: I don't think you'll be able to gather everything you'll need quick enough to raise this batch. My advise is to start preparing for the next cycle of eggs. I strongly encourage you to puchase the book "Clownfishes" by Joyce D. Wikerson. There are several other great books on this subject which are more current with technology, but "Clownfishes" is sort of the go-to guide. She even breaks things down by the different clownfish species. If you're in Pensacola, then I can let you borrow my copy until you're able to purchase one of your own. 3rd: We have a few folks here on the forum who breed fish professionally. Eldouble and MGarden are two which come to mind. I'd suggest introducing yourself to them via PM and asking questions. I've found them to be very helpful and resourceful. Scoots
  3. I always drempt about having a room with a full wall sie aquarium. Behind that wall would be a large "fish room" with all the filtration systems and dedicated computer monitoring systems constantly measuring and controlling water perameters. This room would also house my other pursuits like fish breeding....It any of ya'll have been to the Bass Pro Shops restaurant in Spanish Fort, Al....that would be the size of the aquarium. It's unbelievable! Scoots
  4. If you could have any setup, regardless of costs, what would it be? Scoots
  5. Forum Changes

    One more thing.... In the main forum index, you should now see a box featuring your membership status. Those of you who see this box, probably received an email which looked something like this: You have been sent this email as your subscription payment has been completed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Details ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Today, 08:14 PM Package: Individual & Family Membership Cost: 20.00 USD Expires: 31 Dec 2010 This email is for your information only and no further action is required. This confused me at first, but it's tied into the automation features, so please know that we didn't take your money twice. Scoots
  6. Youtube Video Posts

    Great forum feature presented by one cute kid. This forum is getting better each day! Thanks Marco for all your hard work. Scoots
  7. Forum Changes

    Well today was a lot like opening a Christmas present....Apparently, Marco and Quickdraw felt inspired to reveal a few tricks they had up their sleeve. Great job guys! I know this will be a controversial statement, but perhaps the Hack was a blessing in disguise....We now have a superior site and it's getting better each day. The Homepage now has a picture slideshow. These are actually pictures I took last year during a club meeting we had at the Gulfarium. It's interesting to see some of the faces as well as thr progress the Gulfarium has made to their 44,000 gallon system and the coral farm. We removed the Paypal link on the homepage and moved it to the "Join FPRS" tab and this button has been automated to instantly provide access to the "Members Only" content and features. My hope is this will eliminate the old problem we had with a lag time between joining the club and receiving the access and benefits. When you go the the main forums page, you will notice some cool features along the right hand side. You should see a place to publish random comments for all to see. Sort of a neat way to say what's on your mind. You will also see what messages you've sent out and what new things are taking place on the forum. The top of the page now has our old logo (with the reef scene). I would like to thank Marco for his custom "patching" of two seperate images. Great job Marco. As more features are added, I will post a list. Scoots
  8. Zoanthids Sick?

    They appear to be opening nicely, so I'd suggest just leaving them alone. Scoots
  9. Cleaning Up

    Excellent advice...
  10. Forum Changes

    A couple of cool "tweakings" have been created and we are hoping to trouble shoot them this evening. When we're satisfied with the result, we will incorporate them into the site... 1. When folks join or sponsor the club, the Paypal submission will communicate with the site and that person's userID will automatically be converter in to a "FPRS Member". Our old system required the Treasurer to notify an ADMIN and then the ADMIN would go in to the user's profile and manually convert them into a "FPRS Member". This old process was a long time gap and often led to frustrations. My hope is this automation will resolve this going forward.****This has been properly tested and is currently functioning***** 2. We're working on a code which will allow paid members to add a Paypal button into their "For Sale" posts. Thus speeding up the time for sales to bear fruit by not having to PM a buyer with their paypal address. The Paypal Button will also protect the seller by not having to post their Paypal address in a public forum. Some folks don't want their email address posted publicly, so this resolves the issue. ****This is now operational****** 3. The club's "user agreement" has been added into the registration process. Folks will have to click on the "agree" box, which will appear under the user agreement, in order to complete the registration process. **** This has been completed and installed***** 4. The club's By-Laws have been pulled off the old site content and published on the home page. Most likely, we will move this around once we finish with the Club's Constitution as well. 5. We are searching for compliant codes which will allow us to add picture slide shows and other media elements to the forums...This will be a really neat feature and I suspect is will be very popular. ****This is now operational**** That's about it. Gotta run and I will post more later Scoots
  11. Forum Changes

    Yet another fruitfull day today....Marco did a lot of stuff today which adds a lot of professionalism to the site.. A temporary logo has been added. At least it Identifies the site as our official site. The "tabs" now have drop lists...Very nice There are some decorative starfish now on the forum category title bars.... a "new forum content" feature was added to the drop menu. This is really cool because it allows you to see an instant snapshot of the new posts on the forum. If the nemo is in color, then you have not yet read the post.. A "president's note" area was added to the home page. Speaking of the home page, we're working on a slideshow feature which would feature random pictures from prior meetings and gallery images. That's all I can think of at the moment... Scoots
  12. Kalkwasser Reactor

    I'm interested in building one...
  13. The Sept 12 St Andrews Trip

    We should start talking this up now that the waters appear safe from the oil spill. Scoots
  14. Forum Changes

    Today's activities have resulted in the following: A rotating banner has been re-created. It still has the old sponsors on it, but we'll soon update it. It's still a work in progress, so bear with us. Marco also added little thread icons to the forum. You should see "Nemo" icons with different colors or graphics indicating the thread activity and whether or not you've read it. The front page has went through a few tweakings as well. The Paypal link has been placed into a designated box and the look of the content is a bit more compartmentalized. The Emoticons were partially missing and Marco corrected this as well. A Member Map has been added as well. Pretty cool little feature allowing us to see where everyone is located. Please take a moment to add your add your location. That's about all I can think of at the moment. More to come! Scoots
  15. I suppose everyone can see that the website has undergone a lot of changes over the weekend. There is still a lot to do, but at least you can see some progress is being made. The main changes made so far are: The "skin" is different and will acomodate a logo and a rotating banner if we go that route. The "homepage" will serve as the landing page when folks type our web address. This will contain "static" content which won't be affected by the forum. Also on the homepage will be sort of a snapshot of what's going on within the forum. We added a calendar so we can enter future events. We're playing with another feature, but I don't want to say too much just yet. It's gonna be really cool. The chat room works. For now, our license only allows a maximum of 5 users in the chat room at one time. If we see this feature gaining popularity, then we can easily increase this license priveledge. Our Gallery is functioning as well and we've even uploaded a few pictures to prove this. In order to create and edit your own galleries, you must do so via the "my settings" button above. Let me know if you have any trouble. Heather, Marco and I have addressed the user groups and all those with paid memberships should now have access to the members area. There is a small group of folks we paid their dues, but never supplied us with their "screen name", so if you're one of them...please let us know so we can add you to the proper user group. We also purged the expired sponsor forums and we added a Paypal button to the homepage for those wishing to join the club. I will tweak this button to also include renewal fees. I received so recent criticism for the slow progress the website/forum have made and I apologize for this. Hopefully you like wehre things are headed and will like the final result. Scoots