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  1. Local Rodi Dealer

    Yea. I got back a couple days ago. I got stuck in Amman Jordan for their first snow storm in 100 years. It sucked.
  2. Pure essentials in Pensacola has pretty good deals on rodi stuff. If you need anything like filters, systems, ect hit them up. 850 637 4245 I needed a membrane for a emergency situation and they were the only local place with them.
  3. I'm on my way to Afghanistan for a year. Just wanted to wish everyone luck with their tanks and thank everyone for their help over the last year or so I've been on here
  4. Collecting In Fwb / Destin Area

    dig through the sand in the intracoastal and you can find nassarius and periwinkles for sure... probably nassarius. be careful though because some species here are whelks and will eat your other snails and clams. thin stripe hermit crabs are good to remove algae if you get them when they are small. they will eventually get very big though. i have seen them living in 3/5 inch moon snail shells. ive heard you can catch the good type of pep shrimp here that eat aiptasia but i havent seen them. i also dont flip many rocks when im diving because i dont have a weight belt
  5. 3D Printing Your Aquarium Parts

    Dude this is cool.
  6. Validating Accounts

    and a way to stop bots from making accounts? 49 pages of shit in one week. do we have a captch? or one of those questions like what color is big bird? just something to get this site going again and to let some new members get in here
  7. on RC there is a thread stating that people have been trying to get their accounts activated on this site. who can do this? is there a way that more of us can have permissions to validate or activate accounts?
  8. if your acropora arent looking so hot lately look very closely for redbugs. i have gotten acro frags from several people on here and i have noticed today that i have redbugs on some of my acros. i was able to find a vet in pensacola that still has some interceptor and dosed my tank today. only certain acros in my tank are affected. mostly millis, and a smooth skinned acro that im not sure what it is. luckily these are pretty easy to treat. if anyone finds them let me know and ill give you the vets number
  9. Skimmer Overrated

    I have a 300 gallon tank and my skimmer is rated to 500 gallons SRO 5000int. I run it all the time and it seems to have no detrimental effect. The reef octopus skimmers are awesome. Its amazing how much it pulls out in such a short time. Just make sure that the section of the sump you run it in is deep enough for what the manufacturer suggests. at first my sump ran too shallow for the SRO and it was a pain to get the bubble level to remain constant. Also a auto top off will help that if you aren't running one already
  10. Josh

    Thanks dude
  11. just noticed the other post of the same subject ..... its just kinda boring getting one here now. no one really wants anything to do with the forum unless it is the buy and sell forum... and even then there isnt much going on there either. we should have flyers or something at the LFS's (if they would let us) to get people involved in the club.
  12. it seems active membership on here has dwindled quite a bit. how can we get more people on here?
  13. Found my own answer. don't keep more than two.
  14. I started with about a half dozen skunk cleaners, two fire cleaners, and a boxing shrimp. Out of all those skunk cleaners only a breeding pair are left, which happen to be the largest. I had debated that something else killed and ate these other four skunk cleaners(engineer goby). But all the other shrimp are still alive. So the only thing I can think of is that the skunks got territorial and killed the others. Anyone ever seen something like this?
  15. Kalkwasser Questions

    I tried it and didn't like the slurry buildup it left me to clean in my top off reservoir. I use only two part and it works great. Lots of people love kalk and I tried it but just wasn't thrilled with it I do the Randy Holmes Farley method for making cheap 2 part and it likely doesn't cost anymore than kalk after bulk purchases, and I feel it gives me a more precise dosing level.