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  1. Trade?

    Hey bro, been a long time, im in FWB at the moment wanted to see if you was selling any zoas or pallys, text me if you get this in time, 251-472-5002
  2. Wtb mp10

    Im looking for a mp10, pm me if you have one, thanks
  3. Free 93g Marineland Cube with busted seam

    Where are you located? If in pensacola ill take it, text me at 251-472-5002
  4. acro's for sale

    i got some acro's i can frag if anyone is interested, they will be cut to order, can be mounted on a new plug or left unmounted, your choice all frags except the WD will be atleast 1", the WD will be 1/2"-3/4" ORA blue voodoo $30 FHC blue crush tort $30 BR's Walt disney $75 ORA joe the coral $25 PC rainbow $40 ORA tri color valida $15 ORA lauras purple polyp $25 ORA plum crazy $20 and i have 1 polyp rainbow incinerator paly $40 discounts for packs will also consider trades for equipment ( im looking for a mp10) and other acro's i don't have don't let the low post count full you, I've been around for a long time and and have plenty of positive feedback on this forum, i guess post count reset with the new layout FYI: IF YOU KNOW SOMEBODY THATS SELLING 1 1/2" WALT DISNEY FRAGS FOR $20 DONT BOTHER CONTACTING ME ABOUT MINE, IT ISENT THAT CHEAP pm me a cell number or text me @ 251-382-TWO-zero-three-4 and ill send pics of anything your interested in, located in saraland AL ( north mobile )
  5. Free Aqua Forest Probiotic salt

    whats your alk running at?, if its over 9 dkh any pro biotic salt won't do you any good
  6. Blu (Joshua)

    I 2nd that
  7. Ajskennels

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it