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  1. New Frag Tank Build

    that looks awesome! home made?
  2. Cheap Fragging Tip

    i know but i didnt have any pieces that were small enough to put into the cup. so im just trying to come up with ways to work with what i have for now. i did realize that there isnt much going on in this forum. the other one that i am a member on people are trading secrets all day every day on there. i have learned a lot from it.
  3. Cheap Fragging Tip

    I’ve recently started to frag my mushroom corals and my xenia pulsing corals. When I frag them I don’t have an extra tank to put them into until they heal up so I started doing this. I started taking the frags and putting them on the sand then taking a clear plastic cup and I cut out the bottom of them and stuck it into the sand around the coral. This prevents the coral from floating all around the tank and still keeps it completely visible. When the corals heal up enough I will glue them onto a small piece of rock. But until then this little trick does great. I also have a golden headed sleeper goby so this little trick also keeps the corals from getting covered up by the goby.
  4. My 125 Gallon Reef Aquarium

    Thank you. I try to make it look as natural as possible. I just Made a short video of my new LED light that i put on my tank. It shows the difference between my new LEDs and my old metal halides. big difference. check it out.
  5. Save Money.. Diy Refugium

    Oh ok, im sorry for that. but yes Kbass is correct. that is the right link. thank you for that.
  6. My 125 Gallon Reef Aquarium

    Just a little Updated video of my progress with my aquarium. I am in the process of ordering LED's from ebay to replace my metal halides.. i will make a video of that also.. let me know what you guys think. I am very active in South west Marine Aquarium Society but i want to be more active in this forum since im currently living in Crestview.
  7. Save Money.. Diy Refugium

    I am? i had no idea. this whole time i thought i was a real person lol.. i live in crestview.
  8. Save Money.. Diy Refugium

    The final result of my new refugium is amazing. Home made is the way to go. I spent $60 on the 55 gal tank off of Craigslist and about $30 nine Glass inserts. 3 of which I'm not even using. This ended up being way cheaper than buying one and its much larger then any other refugium that I would have bought. i needed the bigger refugium due to buying a UV sterilizer and protein skimmer that wouldn't fit in the 29 gal refugium that I first made. I have a step by step instillation of the refugium with photo's on my blog which I added a link to in this post.