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  1. Equipment for sale

    Is the hob refugium still available?
  2. Selling pulsing xenia $5 a stalk

    Are these available still, and are you located in pcola area?
  3. Got a pair of clowns already, thanks! Still on the lookout for a watchman goby.
  4. Thanks Karen. I’m looking more along the lines for the typical ocellarus clownfish.
  5. Looking to buy a pair of clownfish, or a watchman goby. Just cycled my Biocube, and I’m trying to avoid the pet store fish, and I don’t want to shock the tank by adding to many fish. Anyone breaking their tanks down or wanting to get rid of their clownfish or watchman, let me know. Thanks!
  6. Biocube 14 LED tank system

    I’d be interested in the clowns and mushrooms if it comes down to it.
  7. Coralife Biocube 29 hood

    Coralife Biocube 29 hood with leds and fluorencent bulbs. I've verified everything works, including both fans, ballasts, bulbs, and leds. It has two fluorencent bulbs (10k and actinic) and has three of the plug in led bars (1 blue and 2 white led bars). Hood is in great condition, and perfect for anyone wanting to either custom upgrade a biocube hood, or wanting a spare. Does not come with the three hood pins. $70 OBO
  8. Have a little over 200lbs of reef saver dry rock left. Very porous and great for reef aquariums. I'm selling it for $1per lb!!! I have a main show piece that weighs about 110lbs I'm willing to let go for $80. I've sold quit I bit already, so hurry and contact me before its all gone. May consider trade options for Biocube equipment and lighting. 850-777-6406
  9. Was just wondering what everyone’s opinions were along thetopic of bio cubes? I want to buy a new 29 gallon cube soon, but am having atough time deciding on which one. I read all the reviews and they aren’t ashelpful as I thought they would be. I’m leaning more towards the new Coralife29 gallon bio cube where you can add the additional white or blue leds. It’salso the hinged lid which im a big fan of also. Any suggestions or people whorun them currently and want to give me their two cents will always help.
  10. Just wanted to thank MikeW for hooking me up with a handful of beautiful coral frags this weekend for a more than reasonable price. Its people like him that keep amateur salt water guys like me into the hobby and enjoy it that much more! Ill return the favor to another newcomer once these frags need a good trimming.