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  1. Tank part out.

    What 2 little fish reactor size is this? 150 or 550?
  2. Lots of equipment for sale

    pm me with the specs and price on the mixing pump.
  3. Reefkeeper lite

  4. Reefkeeper lite

    Reefkeeper lite with pc4, temp probe, and sid v2. Upgraded and don't need this anymore. Asking $60. 850-240-8800 Located in fort Walton beach Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Neptune apex lite setup

    Message sent
  6. 40 breeder

  7. 40 breeder

    Taking up room. 40 breeder bought new, turned into sump for 2 months then removed dividers. asking $40. Must pick up in fort Walton beach.
  8. Sps And Zoas/paly Fs (All sold)

    Do you have any orange and green star polyps and the yellow monti I the very last pic?
  9. Advice On Stand

    I would lightly sand the old clear coat off and apply a urethane clear finish to it. if you sand into the stain then you'll have to restain the whole stand
  10. Ebay / Amazon Dosing Container Review

    I got the exact same thing new on ebay for $40 shipped. great quality.
  11. Anyone Have An Id?

    they look pretty cool.
  12. Anyone Have An Id?

    it's an acorn barnacle. they are a filter feeder.
  13. Intro

    Here are a couple of pics of corals that I've gotten from elite aquatics. They even special ordered me a desjardini Red Sea tang. Aussie orange lobo colony Aussie gold torch. Ultra green branching hammer Red Sea desjardini tang Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. New Aquarium Store

    I swung by the store this evening to find these guys acclimating a shipment of corals they just got in. They got in corals i have never seen before with amazing color.I snapped a few photos before i left. pictures dont do them justice. you have to see them with your own eyes.
  15. New Aquarium Store

    215 A Truman st Fort walton beach They are a new store so they don't have set store hours yet but they will post on their facebook page when they'll be open.