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  1. Id Please

    Yeah...i never knew what they were..but...have had them..but never this bad!!!..Just absolutely swarming!!!..need something that will eat them up[!!! but what?
  2. Id Please

    They're not copepods no?? I thought I knew what they looked like...larger, grayish and curved...these are very tiny, and white...I thought about a mandarin too...thanks...what about some filter feeding corals? That pic is on SUPER MACRO....
  3. Id Please

    What are they and how do i get rid of them.....I know they just grow and are even free food...Ive seen them on my other tanks..but most only when the lights went out..would they really come out in numbers...but..they seem to be an infestation!!! haha...I mean just LOADS of them...I don't really have anything in the tank right now to eat them recommendations on what to do about them would be great....
  4. Catching Tropicals

    Plus it is life saving the shops you get guarantee with a respirator fails...they fix it for free...ebay...not really guaranteed...I just moved here...and don't really have any shops to compare to but....Divers Den in PC..treated me well...on Thomas Dr.
  5. Members Tank

    Very nice!1 that birds nest is brilliantly big is the display?
  6. Turf Algae Filter

    In Maine..1 of our club meetings was on the DIY algea scrubber......I have seen many of the people there do it...yes..ha ha...they can flood over...but work very well ...absorbing nutrients and keeping phosphates at bay..
  7. Test Kits

    Refractometor...a must!!..and if you have a lot of stony's or may want to test for magnesium..
  8. Diving In Panama City Beach Today

    Im in!!..provided time off from the restaurant.......and is funny...I was thinking that as I got out of the water today at the kiddy pool! (jetty)
  9. Sand

    Was curious if anyone had a few pounds of sand they wouldn't might parting with to help seed my tank with and help the cycling along a bit....I am in PCB and can pick up today if that works for you...thanks much...
  10. Test Kits

    Not to go against what others may like..just my opinion..but dip strips are kool...and the api master test..IS FINE when starting out...I have went cheap and spent some $$ on salifert and reef status can get up there..especially when you have an SPS dominant display...cause you want the calcium, KH/GH kits etc...I use red sea brands..I feel they are a bit more accurate that say the API's..and middle range price...some kits can be a touch of science though...with the testing instructions being complicated for some....but hey..i just purchased ane master API so.....also..if getting on line..see if you can contact the company you are getting them from..cause ..many times they will be shelf old.(like a year or 2 old)....out of date even in the stores...check the manufacture WANT fairly new test kits...they say they do lose the accuracy over time..
  11. Diving In Panama City Beach Today

    an annual park pass is a great deal ($130)....yeah..a buddy of mine was telling me a good deal!! NO collectors anymore!!..that sucks...
  12. Diving In Panama City Beach Today

    I am actually going tomorrow to the Jetty ...I have only been there twice..once when I vacationed here in aug. before I moved here and once when I got here a month ago...would love to dive more...maybe next time Ill get to meet you there....I am looking into a collectors liscense to help fill that 275!! ha ha...are there any ricordias this far North?
  13. Members Tank

    Thanks!!..I really like the idols...I don't have him anymore...when I got him...he was about half that size and was great in the reef..never bothered/picked at anything...I kept that tank well feed though cause of all the different fish with the corals at the same time...but when he got to a certain age..he did begin picking at my corals..1 day I watched him picked at like 6 different corals in 1 pass of the tank! ha ha..and wound up eating like $600 of my zoa garden...then I had to put him in the FOWLR...they are good til they get big in a mixed reef..just inevitable that nature takes over i guess..
  14. 275G W/ 75 Sump/refugium

    of the overflow..
  15. Members Tank

    275 mixed reef..well what it once was.. Middle.. right side.. left side..