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  1. looking for lps softies and zoas

    Same here, if any left
  2. high quality equipment and stuff for sale

    Interested in gyres, controller and growth light. Will you ship to Crestview FL?
  3. WTB: 55 gal w/stand

    I have one it’s the cheapo black stand
  4. Sps And Zoas/paly Fs (All sold)

    Left you another message about tomorrow,
  5. Free Birds Nest

    Gorgeous piece
  6. 60# Of Dry Rock And Red Sea Salt Bucket

    Pics of rock to 850-226-1737 pls
  7. Gauging Interest Selling It All That's Livestock

    Lol, I'm un-dead now
  8. Gauging Interest Selling It All That's Livestock

    Sorry to see it go, I'd be interested in the mp40s and mp10s
  9. February 2016 Meeting Announcement

    /cheers thank you all, it was great to see the turnout compared to our last meeting lol
  10. Beginners Sps Pack

    Thank you, can't express how gorgeous these pieces are. To those thinking about it...If you can, get them!!!
  11. Softies For Trade Or Sale (Prefer Trade)

    Could do that, just text me to set up a trade please.
  12. Softies For Trade Or Sale (Prefer Trade)

    I have some really gorgeous green star polyps Brown encrusting gorgonian Blue Xenia Kenya tree branches Watermelon mushrooms Red mushrooms Branching pocillipora (sp?) Crazy amounts of pink and gold zoas And a lot of other stuff. I'm looking to trade for mostly lps, hammers, torches, frogspawn and or anything in the bright spectrum, yellows oranges and reds preferred. I don't have prices because I really don't know the market if there is any for these. Please text 850-226-1737 for pics or questions.
  13. Livestock For Sale

  14. Blue Mushroom Rock For Sell Or Trade

    How much for one off the glass? I have green and red but nothing like that in blue
  15. Saltcrazy74 Feedback

    Got some hornets and Mohawks from him for a great deal. He threw in a couple pieces of his awesome green monti. A great thing about him is that he still asks how they are doing