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  1. I would imagine some sort of butterfly fish may eat them.
  2. Wtb 30 Gallon Cube

    Same here bud.
  3. Wtb 30 Gallon Cube

    Interested in a 29 BioCube?
  4. Palythoa Grandis

    Someone buy this stuff so I can buy Matt's light and skimmer.
  5. 110 Gallon Tank Setup

    Posting for Luchotocado
  6. I'm wanting the 30". If you get in touch with him Aaron, please tell him to check his private message on here.
  7. I've sent a PM to Mike, but he hasn't been online lately. I know he's probably busy with the new store. If one of you know how to get in touch with him, please tell him to check his messages. I'll be in the area tomorrow evening and would like to try to buy one of the items above from him. Thanks
  8. Skunk Cleaner Shrimp. The yellow cleaners with the red & white stripe down their back.
  9. 72 Bowfront Build - Part 1

    Great pictures Kevin.
  10. Customized T5 Fixture + Leds

    Thanks Josh, I'll download that for sure.
  11. Customized T5 Fixture + Leds

    Thanks for the compliment Kevin and thank you for answering all my questions in the past about LEDs.
  12. Customized T5 Fixture + Leds

    Test after re-assembling. And a picture of it over the tank with only the LED's on. Sorry, these pictures were taken with my phone so the blue looks horrible.
  13. Customized T5 Fixture + Leds

    My next step was adding the LEDs to the u channel. Unfortunately I did not have 25 working LEDs, so I'll be adding some more in the near future. Then I started re-assembling the fixture.
  14. Customized T5 Fixture + Leds

    I then purchased a 2"x1" U channel of aluminum. I drilled and tapped the aluminum to hold 25 Cree XT-E Royal Blues. I drilled some larger holes in the end of the U channel so I could mount it to the fixture. I removed the unused T5 end caps so I could use the existing holes on the fixture incase I ever wanted to go back to all T5's