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  1. I would imagine some sort of butterfly fish may eat them.
  2. Palythoa Grandis

    Someone buy this stuff so I can buy Matt's light and skimmer.
  3. Skunk Cleaner Shrimp. The yellow cleaners with the red & white stripe down their back.
  4. 72 Bowfront Build - Part 1

    Great pictures Kevin.
  5. Customized T5 Fixture + Leds

    Thanks Josh, I'll download that for sure.
  6. Customized T5 Fixture + Leds

    Thanks for the compliment Kevin and thank you for answering all my questions in the past about LEDs.
  7. Customized T5 Fixture + Leds

    Test after re-assembling. And a picture of it over the tank with only the LED's on. Sorry, these pictures were taken with my phone so the blue looks horrible.
  8. Customized T5 Fixture + Leds

    My next step was adding the LEDs to the u channel. Unfortunately I did not have 25 working LEDs, so I'll be adding some more in the near future. Then I started re-assembling the fixture.
  9. Customized T5 Fixture + Leds

    I then purchased a 2"x1" U channel of aluminum. I drilled and tapped the aluminum to hold 25 Cree XT-E Royal Blues. I drilled some larger holes in the end of the U channel so I could mount it to the fixture. I removed the unused T5 end caps so I could use the existing holes on the fixture incase I ever wanted to go back to all T5's
  10. I have a Aguatinics Constellation 7 bulb 48" T5 fixture that has two ballast that can be set to run 2x54, 3x54, or 4x54 T5's. One leg of a ballast went out so I swapped the two ballast around in the fixture so that the center bulb of the 7 was disconnected from the ballast. I've been wanting to run a T5/LED combo for a while now, so I took advantage of the bad ballast. Here is the fixture after I unhooked the bad leg of the ballast.
  11. Refugium Build

    That's looking great.
  12. Eco-Insert They are located in Pensacola.
  13. Bryopsis Issues?

    Great write up Kevin. I just wanted to add that if anyone is going to go the high mg route they need to stick with the Kent Tech-M that you recommended. Other reefers have tried raising the mg level with other products and did not notice the Bryopsis die off as others did with the Tech-M. Seems as there may be an extra ingredient in the Tech-M that makes it do its magic on Bryopsis.
  14. My New Tank :)

    Looks really good Josh.