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  1. kessil led light and ai sol blue with controller

    How much for both 150s?
  2. I have very high demand for cal/alk and the Salinity seems to keeping up just fine. Then again I'm changing out alot more than suggested at 30% of total volume, yes it increased costs but not by much as I'm less worried about dosing and testing and just doing the wc now. If my system was any bigger I'd probably be alittle bit more unwilling to use so much expensive salt but its worth every penny as of now.
  3. I switched to Aquavitro Salinity and have never had better results, to the point thay I quit dosing and just do 30g(30%) water changes every two weeks. The tanks waste water gets repurposed for my macro tank.
  4. 150 Gallon Build -- Start To Finish

    Kevin were did you pick up purple plasma? Thats one of my favorite acros! System is looking beast! Congrats on the successful upgrade.
  5. Reef Crystals On Sale.

    Ordering some tomorrow, thanks guys!
  6. Bioreactors.

    Aaron that's spot on from what I've noticed so far. Never would of thought it would be this beneficial over just running a system with a refugium.
  7. Ato Options

    Fuel is bottled phosphates, I'd suggest ME amino(called Polyp Extender) as it doesn't cause algae outbreaks like fuel can cause. I've had awesome results since switching and know that alot of the top dawgs in the industry have switched to the ME brand over the others.
  8. Who here runs them or has used them in the past? I've been running mine for about a month and have noticed increased growth and the most stability since I ever began reefing. Using twolilfishes npx bioplastics and i used their bactiv8 npx booster to start it in a avast spyglass medium. I can say without a doubt that I'll probably never go without a bioreactor again. I can feed heavily and dose aminos/nutrients without any sort of ahift or snowballing with algae. If you havent tried the npx before and have been interested in bioreactors I'd highly suggest them.
  9. Stephan Petland Pcola

    He will be missed, stephan is a great guy
  10. I have abunch of premade maps i can email you, send me a email addy
  11. Dusky Wrasse

    Trent yea hes from a MAC source, thanks for clarification.
  12. Dusky Wrasse

    I hate to do this as I absolutely love this fish. This guy was the only reason why I defeated AEFW and will destroy any pests in your tank. Only reason why I'm considering of selling him is because I went barebottom and I've noticed he's not really enjoying not being able to bury himself. He eats anything given to him and wont mess with any corals, clams or shrimp. I've had him for over a year and he was a MAC certified fish so I paid alot for him. $80
  13. Sps Frag Sale! All Frags $5-$10

    Damn man, wish i had time to come that way!
  14. 150 Gallon Build -- Start To Finish

    Oh wow Kevin this is going to be KILLER! text me if you ever need an extra hand
  15. Frags For Sale

    Got some frags ready that I've been growing out. Blue trumpets 8-10 heads (6) $15 Nuclear green candy canes 3-4 heads (3) $15 Rainbow acans 15-18 heads $100 Weird green fuzzy monti, ive fragged this for a couple members already and have no idea what it is exactly but its a encrusting/doming monti lol $20 1" Pm or text me 8504855079 thanks