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  1. Feeding them to someone with a predator tanks isn't a bad idea. At least then I know they are going to a proper use, which is better than flushing. Wonder which fish would eat these fry in the hundreds though.
  2. No tore that down and gave away all the remaining goodies to heath, came back from a vacation where I wish I had stayed. Doing a biocube in house this time. Seahorse species tank. Something simple in comparison I hope. I have a rack of led lights, t5 8 bulb 48' ati unit, d9 skimmer, pumps and wavemakers. Maybe one day I will sell some stuff, but I hate selling aquarium stuff. Resell value stinks when it still, all works as intended. Your lights at 200 are almost 50% off. Not like you used 50% of the led life.
  3. Thanks for the link. Will use, appreciate it.
  4. Yea we are doing soft corals, seahorse species only tank with macro. Tank is 32 g led biocube. Keep my house at 68 year round. So keeping tank at 74 should be a breeze. May do two females because neither local fish store would want the fry. I don't want to raise brine. Or stress about the babies. I do worry about long vacations but I also have English bulldogs that are family. So if we left they would get a house visitor 2-3x a day. I plan on using a feeding station. So even a random person should be able to take cube and place down feeder and move on. The goal is to avoid fry unless we can find a suitable home for them. There is money in it but far more work, why I was hoping there was someone already rearing saltwater fry. I would of course give the fry away for free. Even though they are native to Florida I wouldn't dream of dumping seahorse babies in the ocean. That leaves flushing them, which I think wouldn't be easy to do. Did you you raise your babies to maturity Mgarden? By send them to market you mean sell the babies past a few months?
  5. Read your post twice. Only fry and dwarf sea horses require live food. Common erectus are all captive breed now on frozens. Keep with passive tanks mates. Lower temperature to 71-74 and feed mysis frozen twice a day. Rest is same as other fish. Maintain parameters. Our issue is the baby's: What i have learned is it's baby brine for first few weeks followed by larger brine. Then cyclopeeze or shredded mysis to frozen. You have 4 feedings a day too with 6 cultures going early. I mean the square footage logisitics and work are crazy. The big problem is they are born fully functioning. And you can see them as mini adults not undeveloped fry. I was hoping to find someone I can give my fry to for free. would be ideal if that person was already raising brine on the regular. The work has payout at least but it's too much hassle for us ATM
  6. Wife and I are doing a pair of seahorses. Research shows they spawn like crazy. Curious to see if we had any captive breeders local. If not we may do same sex duo but heard it puts added stress.
  7. Sell it on eBay or amazon if you can't find a buyer. The single halo deluxe used goes for 265 on amazon. I have sold stuff on there. I'm good on lights ATM good luck and free bump.
  8. Those tangs all lived fine as a school. Didn't lose one. Eventually gave them to LFS when I tore down that setup.
  9. I will need some chaeto at some point for my reactor but yes mainly in search of the kind that seahorses can hitch to.
  10. Starting a seahorse tank, wondering if anyone has some macro algae they trim every so often.
  11. 8508903391 Brandon. That is my number text me some pictures, say what is involved with the sale and not, then give a price please. I am interested thanks
  12. yup yup, i will be competing in the next photo challenge!!
  13. Grats on the new tank! I think you will like the size.
  14. Day 1 and everything new is eating. This is in a 300g rummermaid circular sump. The yellow tangs school a lot until i get close enough to get a photo. It is super majestic. I see the standard "where you going let me follow you", which it then becomes "this is my space back off". They are working things out without any true nipping or over aggression. As they become used to me, the food giver, they will warm to the camera also. to give a scope for the amount of swimming room they have.