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  1. In search of Stand maker

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  2. In search of Stand maker

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  3. In search of Stand maker

    Want to hire a stand/cabinet maker. I have the 32g biocube and the chinese stand is utter trash. Baby is starting to walk so i need something sturdy. I called some cabinet people and they want upwards of a 1000$ which i think is absurd but maybe im wrong. would be 40 inches tall 20.5 by 20.5. If you can make something sturdy, and living room worthy for a decent price. Was thinking nice trim and a door that i can easily baby proof. Just looking for a fair price, would also like to hear what fair should be here. No sump but would be nice to have a section for electrical all in and 1 cord out, and i do have a bucket for ato in current stand.
  4. free carpet anemone

    on hold with interested backup waiting.
  5. free carpet anemone

    8508903391. brandon, text me if interested
  6. free carpet anemone

    so i got a carpet anemone from aquasd. it was listed as 4 inches but this sucker is huge. had him about two weeks and he is eating fine but he is too big for his environment. fully open he is closer to 10 inches. Because he is so big in my 32 gallon he is constantly on the move unhappy. he got into the my mini wave maker and took some minor damage. He is fine though and eats salmon chunks. I do not feed him anything else because my research shows salmon is good for them more than silversides due to packing and handling requirements.
  7. For a reactor. I wouldn't buy either but if I must. Red leaf
  8. right on, was interested in seeing the front of the tank. happy fourth.
  9. The goal of growing macro algae for most is to grow it faster than any other algae. If your successful, it will eat nutrients faster in its refuge than the main display's algae. Therefor starving the main display algae. If that tank has natural sunlight then your removal of nutrients to starve the algae via growing macro may not work. Instead the algae in the main tank will eat the nutrients faster than the macro. If there is just a ton of nutrients both can grow well. That is where feeding comes into play by limiting nutrient import. How often are you removing the display algae? What type is it? How often are your water changes? When was last time you checked RODI water tds or changed the filters on the unit?
  10. You could visit your fish store. I am going to guess you're in Pensacola so i do not know what they carry being in PCB. I use LFS, ebay, and Bulkreefsupply on all those things, someone may have some free chaeto local to you though.
  11. there is room for a hang on back refuge. My very best advice is to watch those videos, less than an hour of your time. Then choose what you think would work best based off of budget and time. As long as your willing to put in the work you should tackle the issue. Interested in seeing front of tank. Good luck and im sure you will hear other's opinions.
  12. .01 phosphates is ultra low. phosphates at 1.0 are high. the thing with phosphate test are they are garbage imo. I had a hanna checker and it would swing if i tested same water 5 times. rest of tests are mind numbing too. If the water is RODI you will really want to look into removing the algae, picking frozen over processed pellet/ flake food and reducing said food and then going into a way to export the excess nutrients. That second video is my favorite way which is just a light and chaeto.
  13. Is the water being added for water changes and top offs RODI? if not our tap water locally is literally algae growth accelerators. Not sure if you have what the water parameters are, but if you take some water to the local fish store they normally test it. Some people are demanding on test results while others go off of view. The numbers wouldn't hurt.
  14. can i see a photo please. You wont have to add anything besides a cloth bag with phosguard which i have extra of, but you would have to literally scrub rocks and tearing out algae if its green hair algae.