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  1. 2 SB Reef Ultras for sale

    SOLD! I have two SB Reef 16 inch with built-in timers and remote for sale. I have one complete hanging kit. They have been tested and have maintained their PAR level. I am asking $100 each or $185 for both. I have not posted any pictures because the damned website won't let me post anything over 30 KB. If you want pics message me and I will email them.
  2. May I suggest contacting Trent. he has a fish trap that works preety well. It worked great in catching a troublesome melenarius wrasse I had without hurting the fish. I hope Trent posts the design on the site because it is very utilitarian.
  3. Zoanhid Rock For Sale

    The zoa rock was taken yesterday. Sorry about the late post.
  4. Zoanhid Rock For Sale

    Hi Kevin, It is about 7 x 6 inches in plan. It is relatively flat.
  5. Zoanhid Rock For Sale

    Hi Guys, I am redoing my refugium and as part of that I am having to get rid of a rock covered with zoanthids (see photo). I am asking $35 for it. PM me if you are interested. Larry
  6. New Tank Coming

    Nice stand! The rustic look is definitely different.
  7. Disaster!!!!

    Yeah, I am still trying to figure out exactly what happened. From what everyone has told me, a 10 hour outage should not have caused that much damage. The tank is not overstocked and I did a check on all of the parameters, which Mg, Ca and ALK were fine and there were no ammonia, nitrite or nitrate spikes. I guess it is just the luck of the draw. Every time I start thinking that reef keeping is more a science, some thing like this happens and makes me realize it is more an art akin to snake-handling.
  8. Disaster!!!!

    Here is a link to Reef Sanctuary which is pretty detailed and informative:
  9. Disaster!!!!

    Do you know where BIF24701's thread is on the battery backup. I can't seem to find it.
  10. I have been trying to find your thread on battery backup but have had no luck. Could point me top where your post is?


  11. Disaster!!!!

    You should consider writing up your backup system and posting as an article for easy reference by forum members.
  12. Disaster!!!!

    Yeah, I am surprised that so much went South also. But after 10 hours I guess should expect something. If nothing else its good guide post for anyone else has a power outage.
  13. Disaster!!!!

    Thanks, I will definitely check that out. Things are back to normal, but I still may lose the Birds Nest and Garf Bonsai.
  14. Disaster!!!!

    Just when I thought everything was dialed in, DISASTER! Sunday when the storms came through the power went out. Leave it to Gulf Power to TAKE 10 HOURS to get the power back on. When it finally came on I found I had: Acropora Formosa - DEAD Hydnopora - DEAD Birds nest Coral - DYING Garf Bonsai Coral - Bad Shape (possibly dying) Well, on the bright side if I get the job at TCU I won't have worry about selling my coral.
  15. Tanks Kevin. I have looked into it and apparently the controller is NOT designed for the CP-40 WaveMaker. The other thing I found was that if you use the larger powerheads with the controller you have to use two power supplies or the controller eventually burns out (ie fire hazard).