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  1. wow larry thanks imm sure it help some people out!
  2. Good looking adds man got any pics of your tanks?
  3. Meeting! February 22

    Thanks for coming everyone glad we could host another one before I take my temporary hiatus from the hobby!
  4. Meeting! February 22

    Meeting is tomorrow hope to see everyone there and i hope we have a good turnout, bring cash and bring your friends!
  5. Meeting! February 22

    EVERYTHING in my tank is up for sale, my house doesn't have the ability to support that much power consumption so I'm breaking it down I'm keeping equipment but the livestock is for sale so if you come to the meeting you can see it all
  6. Meeting! February 22

    I will have a Red Sea wave maker for sale or trade as well as a 60" T12 VHO setup as well as some random powerheads, heaters and misc stuff. Also if anyone wants to trade fish I may be willing to trade my powder brown tang for something else. The huge caveat being whether he can be caught or not as he's in a 300 gallon tank. Let me know if anyone's got any interest in any of this stuff I want it gone!
  7. What: Club meeting When: February 22nd at noon Where: My house the address is 3175 live oak st Navarre, FL 32566 My cell is 865-556-6901 if you get lost Food: The club will be providing burgers, or something along those lines and drinks. Please bring cookies or chips or any other side item that you'd like. Particulars: We will be having a raffle. (Note: The raffle is open to paid members only) as well as a reefers "garage sale" anything thing you have laying around bring it out and trade it or sell it for frags or other equipment. Bring any frags that you'd like to trade or sell as well. Feel free to post up what you have for trade or sale that you will be bringing to the meeting so that people can have an idea of what will be there. Hope to see everyone there! My number again is 865-556-6901 and my name is jordan if you have any other questions or concerns
  8. My New Tank :)

    Glad to see you bak in the game man the tank looks great!
  9. I have very good luck with ASM brand skimmers on my tanks and then of course reef octopus but I don't have any personal experience with them
  10. Local Rodi Dealer

    thanks for the info! you home yet bud?
  11. Water Changes

    What percentage of your total water volume do you typically change Jason? Every single tank is different but the only way I've heard of this working is to pull a power head and just blast all your rocks and everything a day or two in advance to stir up all the organic material you can before the change so that you get the most "bang for your buck" out of the water change and they are typically larger water changes.....this is all from reading tho so ill wait for a first hand account
  12. Water Changes

    i do mine every two weeks as well, i feel like its pretty necessary but my tank has a DRASTICALLY undersized skimmer so half of what im doing during water changes is vacuuming out my fuge
  13. i wont be able to attend but it sounds awesom! thanks for posting it!