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    scuba diving, riding motorcycles, flying, restoring my corvette, chilling on the beach
  1. I just wanted to thank everyone else who has tried to stay active on this forum, I just got my orders for hsm-40 and will be moving to Jacksonville in two weeks. -Leighton-
  2. Killing Aiptasia And Live Rock

    I would just stick it all in the sun for a few days, i try not to use bleach whenever possible. the heat right now will do a good job killing anything
  3. Bio-Pellets

    there is a bunch of info on reefcentral about them. I personally have never used them but from other friends using them most really liked them once they got it dialed in properly, that was the challenge.
  4. Be Wary Of Theives

    yeah im always hesitant with cragslist people i try to keep my garage closed when they come by so they dont see anything in there and i usually wait till they are on their way over to give them my exact address
  5. End Of April Fprs Meeting

    This sounds awesome but I neither will be able to make it as I have inlaws coming into town this weekend
  6. Protein Skimmer And Return Pump

    glad we could be of help!
  7. Protein Skimmer And Return Pump

    im not as knowledgable on skimmers but mag pumps are always a great brand. I personally like a lot of flow in my tank cause it results in better filtration with higher turnover of the water. at 100 gallons I would look into something like a mag 12 to keep you around 1000gph after headloss. what does everyone else think?
  8. End Of April Fprs Meeting

    as of right now it only looks like we have about 3 for sures, which i dont think is enough to have an official meeting, we are trying to keep meetings frequent so everyone can get together but i need to know when is good for everyone.
  9. End Of April Fprs Meeting

    I want to make sure everyone sees this so back to the top!
  10. End Of April Fprs Meeting

    I might be going if im not flying over the weekend but I would be taking the motorcycle if I did
  11. Pleasants9 Feedback

    wanted to organize some of my feedback into one post
  12. End Of April Fprs Meeting

    realll the meetings themselves are quite simple, as long as someone is willing to open their house to other which mgarden has offered, food wise yardboy can pick up some subs and chips on his way over if he is going to go or we can get some funds together for burgers and hotdogs if the host rather do that. people always have frags to trade/sell I know engineeronh20 should and he lives in the panama area. our biggest problem is getting people to commit to show up, so everyone and anyone interest please feel free and welcome to go to any of the meetings and let us know when is best for you, we are a flexible club and just want to continue sharing this hobby with everyone.
  13. End Of April Fprs Meeting

    bump to the top for future meeting
  14. Kotton Feedback

    I have both bought and sold with Kotton, great guy and easy to deal with
  15. End Of April Fprs Meeting

    what date would work best for you mgarden that way some people can be more promising on their statement of whether or not they would make it