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  1. Soft Coral Suggestions

    They spread like wildfire!! I started with one and had six in two months!!!
  2. Soft Coral Suggestions

    mushrooms, leathers, button polyps and green star polyps. i have all of those and they are easy to care for. leathers are my favorite.
  3. Id Live Rock Critters

    Another option if possible....boil the rock that has the aiptasia. Do it slowly. One rock a week, in conjunction with pep shrimp. Worked for me, but my rock is all small pieces.
  4. Nice update, I'm at work and was wondering about your hammer. Did you introduce anything new lately? Do you dip all Incoming corals, or do you quarantine? A hitchhiker could of gotten in your tank.
  5. New Facebook Page

    What's facebook? Never heard of it. Some kinda website? Joke!!!!!!!
  6. I found marineland brand timers on ebay. I got two for 12 including shipping. You just have to find the right deal. Josh
  7. Custom Sump

    I think u mean Sponge and a bag of carbon. Looks nice. How much are you charging for sumps? Let's say 30-12- 15? Lxwxh?? I want a bubble trap, no sponge area. A skimmer area, refuge, and return. Josh
  8. The Clown Hatchery

    I'm just happy that the breeding pairs will still be in the panhandle area!
  9. I heard a lfs story where this lady kept having fish disappear......she had put a nice hermit crab in her tank from the eating all her sw fish....fresh sushi!!!!
  10. My First Salt Water Aquarium

    I will second that, lots of reading, lots of patience. Josh
  11. Getting Started

    welcome to the addiction! Just to give you a start, or are two of my favorites, lots of info for only with live rock (FOWLR), is easy to maintain, but it will turn into a full blown reef once you see all the colors!!!! I started fowlr and then switched to a nano reef. HTH Josh p.s. The tang comment up above.. is dont get any tangs....tempting-- but a 55 is too small for them. try clownfish, wrasses and gobys! very hardy and forgiving when u make a mistake and lastly GO SLOW>>>its much more satisfying when u take your time...rush and stuff dies!!!! like your first fish is two months from when you put water in the tank......see?? slow!! a sw fish costs upwards of 20-40 dollars....they can stress and die quick if you dont have all your "ducks in a row" so read, read, ask questions, and then read some more, then after your cycle, buy one fish.... slow! it takes time to get running but once you do, its all worth it!
  12. Fall Fprs Meeting In October

    there were lots of frags and lots of happy reefers!
  13. Fall Fprs Meeting In October

    +1.... Was really a nice time, enjoyed the swap and buying. Can't wait to get my skimmer running, Thanks Jordan!!!! Thanks goes to Mermaids Garden and Yardboy too!! Josh
  14. Fall Fprs Meeting In October

    I will bring chips
  15. Fall Fprs Meeting In October

    Is there anything I can bring, food wise?? Meat or bread, drinks?? Let me know. Josh